Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Preview) app for Windows comes with offline access in Public Preview

We are pleased to announce that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Preview) app for Windows is now available in Public Preview in the Microsoft Store. This new application can be installed on Windows devices and allows licensed Power Apps or Dynamics users to run model-driven apps that have been enabled for their businesses with offline.

How can you enable offline for a model-driven app?

Create an offline profile in the admin portal

As you create a new offline profile, you can configure the set of tables and filters that control which data will be downloaded to your Windows app for use offline. The app will sync content regularly as long as the app is open.  Create new offline profile

Enable mobile offline

You can edit existing or new model-driven apps from the Apps menu of  Edit the app properties to enable mobile offline and choose an offline profile.

Enable mobile offline

To learn more about configuring and customizing offline support, you can check out the mobile offline documentation.

Customize the app in the Power Apps model-driven app designer

In the app designer, you can also tailor the app to meet your business requirements using the Microsoft Power Apps app designer and extensibility points, by customizing the sitemap, the Dashboards, the Forms,  the Views, the Charts and the Business Processes.

The setup experience enables you configure the app once, and then deploy it everywhere on iOS, Android, and now on Windows devices.

Try it yourself

Windows app in Public Preview

It is seamless to deploy because users can install the app themselves from the Microsoft Store, and then with one sign-in access all the model-driven apps enabled for your organization, with no additional configuration.

To learn more about the Dynamics 365 (Preview) app for Windows, check out the documentation for more details on the capabilities, setup process and how to test non production apps.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned as we add new features to the product:

  • Device capabilities such as Camera, Audio, barcode scanner and geo localization
  • File and Image Attributes (see documentation)

We’d like to hear from you. Please share any feedback on the Power Apps community forum.