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New Office Templates: Meeting Capture, QuickTask, and Company Pulse

We’re excited to announce 3 additions to the PowerApps Office Template Series: Meeting Capture, QuickTask, and Company Pulse. This post provides an overview of the functionality for each app, as well as unique concepts we’ve built into each one. These can be used as-is, modified to meet your specific business needs and branding requirements, or you may reuse the professional designs and repurpose the app entirely. 

Note: Setup instructions for QuickTask and Company Pulse are located in the hidden Settings screens. These screens are only visible when editing the app. 

To play or edit these apps:

  1. ​Visit web.powerapps.com
  2. On the Home page, click Office to filter the list of sample apps or use Search
  3. Hover over one of the apps to preview or make the app

​Meeting Capture

​Meeting Capture demonstrates how Microsoft Graph connectors can be leveraged to build productivity apps. View upcoming meeting details, take notes, assign tasks in Planner, and add sketches and images all within a single app. Ensure pertinant notes and action items are tracked by exporting to OneNote and sending via Outlook with a single click!

Meeting Capture

Meeting Capture has many cool features such as:

  • A custom dynamic progress bar


  • The ability to find available times when scheduling a follow up meeting 


  • Sending the meeting notes to OneNote with deep links to Tasks
  • Sending the meeting notes via email, which leverages a well designed html email template



QuickTask is targeted at managing your inbox, while quickly creating follow-up tasks for important items. You’re able to monitor a distribution list and assign tasks, which is perfect for a support queue or customer inbox. Setup is required to configure the distribution lists you’d like to monitor. This can be configured in the Settings page of the app, where you can setup multiple DLs and switch between them when playing the app. 

QuickTask home

QuickTask has many cool features such as:

  • Everything is implemented (except for the Settings page) in a single page Fluid Grid
  • On the Settings screen, we use a comma delimited list of email addresses to allow app admins to specify which DLs the app queries
  • Planner tasks are created in specific plans and buckets

Create Buckets

  • We keep track of the last time a user synched the Distribution Lists and display it to the user

  • The ability to switch between different email Distribution Lists


Company Pulse​

Company Pulse provides an example of how to display news from various sources, weather data, and trending documents in your organization. Setup is required to configure the desired Twitter account, SharePoint list, and distribution list. Instructions are found in the Settings page when editing the app.

Company Pulse

Company Pulse has many cool features such as:

  • We display MSNWeather information based on the user’s current location

  • The OnVisibile function in the NewsFeedScreen returns the data


  • Data cards are displayed directly from SharePoint Wiki Pages (called the Shared News in the app)

Company Pulse data card



We hope you enjoy these apps. Please leave us any feedback you have and be sure to check back as we release additional documentation and videos for the PowerApps Office Template Series.