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Announcing pre-built Office 365 screens in PowerApps

We’re very excited to announce new screen templates available in Preview, which allow you to insert pre-built screens directly within PowerApps Studio! Now it’s quicker and easier than ever to add Microsoft Office capabilities to your custom apps. Simply insert one of these new screens and all the required components, data sources, and expressions will be added for you.

Ready to step up your game? Customize the screens further to take full advantage of Microsoft Graph and the 200+ connectors available in PowerApps.

Three screen trio

These screens are fully themable and are meant to work together. For example, add the People screen, the Email screen, and the Meeting screen. People selected will automatically populate across all 3 screens. 

New screens

  • Email – Add this screen anywhere in your app to send an email. 
  • People – Serch for users in your organization. We automatically add the Office 365 Users connection populate the MyPeople gallery with selected users.
  • Meeting – Quickly send a meeting invite via Outlook. Suggested meeting times are automatically populated streamlining the process.
  • Calendar – View your schedule for any given date. Use the components from this screen to add custom calendar functionality to your app. 
  • Tutorial – Use this as the first screen in your app to guide users on how to use your app. 
  • Success – This simple screen can be used anywhere you want to add confirmation for a user action. For example after submiting a form or sending a meeting invite. 

Technical info 

  • Navigation is not pre-defined for these screens. You’ll need to set this behavior to navigate to the next screen. 
  • The People, Meeting, and Email screens all read and write from the “MyPeople” collection. If you want to change the behavior, simply change the Items property of MeetingPeopleGallery to a different collection name. 
  • The MyPeople collection will be cleared once the primary action is taken on a screen. For example, sending an email will clear the collection. Other screens reading from this collection will also have the list of people cleared.
  • When searching for people, only the top 15 results will be returned.
  • When searching for rooms on the Meeting screen, only 20 rooms can be returned at a time. This is the maximum the connector can return.
    • First the rooms lists are retrieved, then stored in a collection.
    • Next the selected list context is passed to fetch the available rooms for the rooms list location selected.  
  • The events on the Calendar screen returns all events in your calendar for the selected date. To filter out events marked as “Free,” set the Items property of the CalendarEvents gallery to:
    • SortByColumns(Filter(MyCalendarEvents, Text(Start, DateTimeFormat.ShortDate) = Text(_dateSelected, DateTimeFormat.ShortDate), ShowAs <> “Free”), “Start”)



Want to learn more about customizing Microsoft Office in PowerApps? Check out the new PowerApps Training for Office app for step-by-step instructions.