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New ways to share Power Apps community forum ideas 

Between Nov 15 and Nov 29, 2022, Power Apps Ideas will migrate to a brand-new platform powered by Dynamics 365 Customer Service Community. 

On top of providing our community with a brand-new interface to share ideas, the migration will enable our product teams to be much more responsive to user feedback and better integrate your ideas into our product roadmap. 

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Fig 1. New Power Apps Ideas portal, available for desktop and mobile browsers 

The Power Apps team is listening! 

A new process for voting and managing ideas will be implemented as part of this change. Every month, our community team will review and triage all incoming ideas. Duplicate ideas will be grouped for easier search, and clarification may be requested from the author. Top ideas (ideas that get upvoted at least 100 times) will be sent to the Power Apps product team for review. During every planning cycle, the product team will review Top ideas and determine if and when they can be added to the roadmap. 

Statuses for ideas will be updated as follows: 

  • NEW: New ideas recently submitted that haven’t been triaged yet 
  • NEEDS VOTES: Triaged ideas that need at least 100 votes before they are reviewed by the product team. 
  • IN REVIEW: Ideas that have gathered at least 100 votes, and are currently being reviewed by the product team for inclusion in the next release wave. 
  • PLANNED: The team has committed to building the idea which has been added in the official release plans
  • COMPLETED: The idea has made it into the product and has shipped! 
  • DECLINED: The product team has declined to build the idea at this time 

With this new process, the Power Apps product team will be able to respond to your community ideas and incorporate more of them into the product. 

graphical user interface, text, application, email

Fig 2: Posting a new idea on the portal  

How will the migration happen? 

On Nov 15, Power Apps Ideas will go into “read-only” mode. The possibility to post a new idea will be temporarily disabled while we transfer all existing ideas to the new site: https://ideas.powerapps.com 

Starting Nov 29 , we will launch the new site and you will be able to resume posting and sharing ideas. All ideas posted prior to Nov 15  will be made available on the new site with their new corresponding statuses. 

We thank you for your continued engagement in our community and look forward to your new ideas for Power Apps!