Enhanced security for implicitly shared connections in Power Apps

We are excited to announce enhanced security for implicitly shared connections in Power Apps. Many customers have asked for this feature, and it is now available in all commercial regions as Experimental Preview.

Power Apps’ implicitly shared connections are ones that use a fixed credential such as a SQL Server connection string rather than the end user’s specific credentials (e.g., AAD.) The most prominent use of implicitly shared connections is for SQL Server.

With this feature, connections are no longer directly shared with the users of a Power App. Instead, a proxy connection object that only grants access to the underlying resource (e.g., a specific SQL Server table) is shared. End user authors cannot create new applications with either the connection or the proxy connection. This feature also limits the end-user to the actions (get, put/patch, and delete) that are defined in the corresponding Power App.

For details on how to use the ‘Secure implicit connections’ feature in Power Apps please see the Power Apps Connection article.