Power Platform Developer Tools Dec/Jan Refresh (Sovereign Cloud support)

We are delighted to announce our key deliverable for the new year, our Dec/Jan refresh. Happy 2022 Everyone!

Sovereign Cloud Support

We would like to formally announce support for PAC CLI in US Sovereign cloud environments. To know which clouds we support,  if you use the following command:

:\> pac auth create

You will see an output like this

You can now use the –cloud to specify the appropriate US Sovereign cloud environment against which you want to.

We will be adding support for the China Sovereign cloud environment soon.

In the refresh, we made a few fixes in the pac package init command with respect to the package template project.

Unlike in the past where you had to authenticate to admin service and then to the environment. Now just of the create a single authentication profile and can connect to multiple environments to which you have access too.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback on the new capabilities. Looking forward to reading from you at ISVFeedback@Microsoft.com or in the Powerusers community.