New: Request a Power Apps premium license from org admins

Power Apps is excited to share that users can now request a license from their admin – directly in product! If a user is trying to run an app that requires a license, they will see the option to ‘Request a license’, in addition to the buy a license or start a trial option (if eligible). Once a request is submitted, a confirmation message will appear at the top of the page saying the request was successfully sent to their admin.

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A user can also request a license, during an active trial, using the banner at the top which will notify users of how many days they have remaining in the trial.

Once an admin as acted on a request, a confirmation email will be sent notifying users of the status of their request. Learn more here.

Managing license requests for Admins

An admin will be notified of all incoming licensing requests on the Microsoft 365 Home page.

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Following the steps to completion, an admin will be able to approve or reject multiple requests at once and include a message for their users.

An admin can also continue using their organizations’ custom license request process and configure the proper settings in Microsoft 365 Admin center.

To learn more about how to manage all license requests and settings, please see the following documentation

We look forward to hearing your feedback!