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Print() screens in your canvas app

We are excited to introduce the first release of the long awaited printing functionality in canvas apps. Using the new print function: Print(), you can now open the current screen of your app in the default browser print dialog where the app is played.

This function will allow app users to print content to printers in their network or save to PDF through the capabilities of their browser.

Power Apps editor showing adding an icon and the print function, and printing

In addition to the Print function, we have added two screen templates that are A4 sized to help create content optimized for a print. You can adjust the screen width and height to target different sizes. Reference the print function documentation  for more details.


Referencing when the screen is printing also allows you to create custom behavior for a print. For example, hiding a button or changing the form to view mode by checking If( Screen.Printing,<behavior while printing>, <behavior otherwise>).

This is a great start, but we know there’s still some limitations and printing scenarios that this feature doesn’t yet address. As we look to continue to invest in printing capabilities, we are grateful for your feedback about what’s needed for your scenarios.

This feature will continue to roll out to all regions in the next couple weeks. Happy building!

Emma Cooper, @PowerEmmz