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Read NFC tags with Power Apps on iOS and Android

Being able to quickly and reliably identify real-world objects is a key enabler to building efficient digital workflows for logistics, maintenance, retail and other front-line scenarios.

Power Apps already offers robust, camera-based barcode scanning when running in the Power Apps Mobile app for iOS and Android, but barcodes are often only useful in clean, well-lit consumption scenarios.

Standard NFC and HF-RFID tags provide alternatives to barcodes for dirty or low-visibility scenarios, and are widely supported by iOS and Android devices with built-in NFC Reader hardware.

Power Fx now supports reading NFC and HF-RFID tags when running in the Power Apps Mobile app for iOS and Android. See the new Power Fx ReadNFC function documentation for details.


  • Read the first record from a NFC standards-compliant tag
  • Text and URI datatypes are supported
  • Record type information also provided


With( ReadNFC(),
      If( Not IsBlank( Text ),
            Notify( "Read Text: " & Text ),
          Not IsBlank( URI ),
            Notify( "Read URI: " & URI ),
          Notify( "Didn't read Text or URI" )

For more examples, see the function documentation.


As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on the new function. Use the in-app feedback feature to send us your ideas.