Search quick actions are now customizable in model-driven Power Apps

We announced quick actions as an extension of the the new global search experience in Power Apps to help you complete your tasks with search without losing context of your work.

Today we are excited to share the next evolution and an important facet of quick actions: the ability to customize and extend them in ways that is appropriate for your processes.

What are quick actions?

Quick actions are commands that help you complete your task without losing context of your work.

Over the last few months we released a number of capabilities around search, starting with a search bar in the front and center of model-driven Power Apps. This search bar is powered by Dataverse relevance search, that shows results as you type and has robust intelligence built in.

We believe that presenting contextual quick actions with search will be the basis of a “search-first” means of discovering and acting on information in model-driven Power Apps, enhancing your productivity and easing navigation.

Understanding quick actions under the hood

Quick actions are contextual and relevant so that you can act on your information as you look for them with search. And hence, quick actions are a subset of a table’s homepage grid’s item-level commands.

For example, when you select an account in its homepage grid, Account table’s quick actions are derived from the set of commands at the top of the page. This is important to understand the customization options available to configure quick actions.

Using rules to hide/show quick actions

You can use the ribbon’s Enable Rule to hide or show quick actions for a table. The following three new rules give you the flexibility to optimize quick actions:

  • ShowOnQuickAction
    Use this rule to make a command appear only as a quick action.
  • ShowOnGridAndQuickAction
    Use this rule to make a command appear on the homepage grid as well as a quick action.
  • ShowOnGrid
    Use this rule to make a command appear on the home page grid only.  You can also use this enable rule to hide an existing quick action.

Things to remember

For usability reasons, quick actions are capped at FIVE commands per table. Quick actions show up only in the context of search – alongside suggestions and in results page on the primary column.

These capabilities will be available with build 9.2.21034.00126, starting 5 Apr 2021. We’d like to hear your feedback.

Please share your feedback on our Power Apps community forum post.

Review more details on how to enable relevance search and how to configure quick actions and learn more about benefits of the new search to end users.