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Troubleshoot Forms in a Model Driven App

In a model driven Power App you can now get information about issues you encounter when working with related tables, entities, controls and components on a form by accessing the Monitoring Tool inside your model driven app. There are many scenarios that you may encounter where access to the information provided in the tool will help you better understand why a form is behaving in a certain way.

Many of these types of issues are based on business rules, java script, form events or client api that admins and makers have set and are causing unintended behavior and experiences on your forms. The tool can help identify if the issue you are seeing is designed out of box or is due to a customization in the application and provide details that can help you understand why records are not showing in the related menu of a table/entity, why a control is not editable or why a record is in a read-only state. These are a just a few examples of what is included in the form events that you can troubleshoot in the monitoring tool.

To launch the tool just log into your Dynamics or Model Driven app and add &monitor=true to the end of your URL. This will add an icon onto the app header toolbar. Click on the icon that looks like the one in the circle below.



The tool will open a new tab to the Power Apps portal, click on the tab in `the browser that appended “- Monitor” to the end of the app name.  Select the option to “Play model-driven-app”. This will start a new session for your application and display a dialog. Click on the “Join” from the dialog and this will launch your app that is now being monitored.


To test the scenario you want just run through the steps, for example if you want to understand why an option is not showing in a related menu, select a record like “Accounts”, open any account form and select any related menu option that is listed in the drop down menu.



Once you complete the steps, click on the tab that has the monitoring tool running and use the Category filter to just show forms related issues.



To view the information, select the Operation labeled “RelatedView” when you click on that a panel will open on the right.  Make sure you are on the “Details” tab in the panel and click on the “+” line that says “data”, in the screen shot below it would be line #5.  That will expand to include detailed information on the Related items tab including why a record/entity is or is not showing in the list.


We hope this will help make it easier to quickly find and fix issues when working with Model Driven app and please be sure to check out the docs  to learn more about how to troubleshoot your forms in a Model Driven app with the monitor tool.