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10 New Verified Connectors and 16 Updates released in November 2022

Welcome to the monthly newsletter! We are happy to announce that in November, we launched 10 new verified connectors and 16 updates from different service owners. These connectors have solutions and tools for Human Resources, Business Management, Data, AI, IT Operations and much more. You can view all the details and highlights below.

Thank you, all our partners, for this great partnership, and we look forward to partnering with many more companies providing wonderful solutions in the future.

New connectors


absentify is free and specially designed for the Microsoft 365 environment to manage your team’s or employee’s absences and have an overview of all time off and reason given. You benefit from full integration of paid time off tracking with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, no more boring Excel sheets. absentify is the easiest way to approve vacation time and holidays.

Visit the absentify connector documentation to learn more.


Advanced Data Operations 

State Solutions and the Advanced Data Operations connector brings bulk based SQL like operations to a single set of actions in a PowerAutomate connector.  These operations help to reduce overhead, such as looping, overuse of inline expressions and allow administrators/developers to perform advanced transformations within any developed flow.  On top of that are the 100+ built in functions that mimic C# transformation operations and take PowerAutomate expressions to a whole new level.  This results in a more readable, more scalable and more supportable end product for your organization.

All of this made possible without a single piece of additional organization owned infrastructure.

This connector is a must have for any organization looking at using PowerAutomate/LogicApps as their enterprise integration tool.

Brad Dixon, CEO

Visit the Advanced Data Operations connector documentation to learn more.


Cireson Service Manager Portal 

Create and Update Work Items through the Cireson Portal for System Center Service Manager.

Visit the Cireson Service Manager Portal connector documentation to learn more.



InfoQuery empowers Resware users to automate front and back-office business processes. Leverage your Resware data in a no-code or low-code format.

The InfoQuery connector integrates Resware data with Power Automate, Logic Apps, and Power Apps:  build automations or apps to add documents and notes to a Resware file from your mobile device; automate order entry with the InfoQuery connector so orders can be opened immediately upon receipt, without errors; and integrate small vendors without large development overhead.

These are just a few examples of endless, real scenarios enabled by over 30 connector actions currently available, allowing access to: documents, notes, partners, actions, quotes, and orders.

Pete Bishop, Founder, InfoQuery

Visit the InfoQuery  connector documentation to learn more.



Morf is a lightweight API-driven platform for automatically generating forms that can be easily embedded into existing systems, apps, and sites.

Morf dynamically generates mobile responsive web-based forms and captures information to power your digital processes; making it easy to create integrated and branded data capture solutions within a flexible authoring, publishing, and deployment environment.

Head over to https://editor.getmorf.io/ to create new form definitions from scratch or convert existing Word and PDF forms.

Visit https://getmorf.io/ to learn more!

Guillaume Clement, Director of Product & Engineering at AFTIA Solutions

Visit the Morf connector documentation to learn more.


N-able Cloud User Hub

Cloud User Hub is a unified Microsoft CSP portal that lets you automate common tasks across all Microsoft 365 apps without switching consoles or customers.

Visit the N-able Cloud User Hub connector documentation to learn more.



Rainbird is a platform that enables your organization to automate complex decisions that rely heavily on experts today.

Leverage your subject-matter experts to design their decision-making logic in our no-code Studio, then use the Rainbird connector to embed these digital decisions into your workflow and benefit from high-quality, performant and auditable decisions that enable you to create fully automated end-to-end solutions.

Michael Price, Product Owner at Rainbird

Visit the Rainbird connector documentation to learn more.


TALXIS Data Feed

TALXIS Data Feed connector provides a comprehensive solution to manage and collect data from multiple sources. With TALXIS Data Feed, users can quickly and easily retrieve and use data from a variety of sources (for example geocoded address data, company business data, and many, many more) for better productivity and user experience.

With multiple actions to choose from, users will surely find a data source that will have the exact kind of data that they are looking for.

Jan Kostejn, Engineering Program Manager, NETWORG CZ

Visit the TALXIS Data Feed connector documentation to learn more.


Tesseron ASM Basic Data

This connector allows you to create, edit and search enterprises and contacts in your Tesseron ASM Instance.

Visit the Tesseron ASM Basic Data connector documentation to learn more.



This connector allows you to run preconfigured data transformations on the ZIPPYDOC business automation platform. You can either select a third-party data transformer and have it transform your data, or alternatively you can create your own data transformer on the ZIPPYDOC platform. ZIPPYDOC and its community offers a wide range of pre-built transformations for tables, text and code.

Visit the ZIPPYDOC connector documentation to learn more.


Updated connectors


There are 16 connectors that have updates:

  1. Blackbaud Events
  2. Blackbaud Raisers Edge NXT Constituents
  3. Cloud BOT
  4. Converter by Power2Apps
  5. Elfsquad Data
  6. Form Recognizer API
  7. HYAS Insight
  8. iManage Work
  9. Oneflow
  10. PDF4me
  11. PDF4me Connect
  12. Plumsail Documents
  13. Power Assist
  14. Tesseron ASM Ticket
  15. Timeghost
  16. Vocean

Below are few of the most significant updates.

Cloud BOT

Cloud BOT is a freemium service for web browser automation. You can easily create your own robot with no code and no installation required. Both the robot called as part of the flow and the browser to be automatically operated operate on the cloud.
You can pass strings or files to the robot for web input, also you can continue the flow after getting strings and files from the web.

Added “File Upload” and “File Download” as new actions. Because of this, it is possible to automate tasks such as “uploading file data obtained from online storage to a website using Cloud BOT” and “storing files downloaded from a website to online storage”.

Visit the Cloud BOT connector documentation to learn more.


Form Recognizer

Azure Form Recognizer extracts information from documents such as text (printed and handwritten OCR), tables, checkbox, key value pairs and more using AI. Form Recognizer can be used to automate document-processing tasks, such as data extraction and knowledge mining, and can help organizations save time and reduce errors by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Form Recognizer connector now supports the latest Form Recognizer v3.0 API using a new operation Analyze Document for Prebuilt or Custom models. The Form Recognizer 3.0 APIs includes model improvements for prebuilt Invoice, Receipt, Business Card, ID Document, Layout and Custom, as well new prebuilt Read, W-2 and General Document (key-value pairs) models.

Visit the Form Recognizer connector documentation to learn more.


HYAS Insight

An efficient and expedient investigation is the best way to protect your enterprise. HYAS Insight provides threat and fraud response teams with unparalleled visibility into everything you need to know about an attack. This includes the origin, current infrastructure being used, and any infrastructure likely to be used in future attacks. Having this visibility allows you to close cases up to 3x faster and stay out ahead.
The connector provides integration and data enrichment options with Azure Sentinel.

Visit the HYAS Insight webpage to learn more or schedule time to understand what this means for your organization.

Visit the HYAS Insight connector documentation to learn more.


iManage Work

As the industry-leading provider of document and email management solutions for knowledge workers, we are always excited to enable enhanced platform outcomes via new capabilities. Now, by integrating with the Microsoft Power Automate platform, you can automate repetitive tasks and business processes while still keeping your content secured within the iManage environment. You always know that the content in your documents and emails is safe, secure, and highly accessible wherever you are, so you can find what you need, when you need it, allowing your teams for focus on meaningful productive work.

Shawn Misquitta, Executive Vice President of Product Management

Visit the iManage Work connector documentation to learn more.



Oneflow is a platform that automates the entire document process from start to finish, all in one place. Turn clunky, static contracts into helpful, truly digital contracts that feel like magic.
By connecting Oneflow to the Microsoft Power platform you can automate entire workflows – from creating Oneflow documents to storing them in your drive. Transfer data from your CRM/ATS/Marketing tool straight into your Oneflow documents and ensure that the data is consistent between your systems. Oneflow for Power Automate makes work faster, processes smoother and life easier.

Integrate various apps and build your own tailored solution to enhance and streamline your workflows.

Visit the Oneflow connector documentation to learn more.


Plumsail Documents

Now all the actions for creating a document from an MS Office format template have a new parameter for PDF conversion. This means you can set the output document to get converted from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to PDF right in the same action. Which in turn means a double saving on your Documents license.

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Visit the Plumsail Documents connector documentation to learn more.



Vocean is the space for co-creation. Powered by many.

This is where ideas meet and grow strong together. Here you can harness the intelligence of collectives, empower people and determine the way forward. Vocean makes it possible to benefit from other people’s intelligence. Letting them contribute with insights, give their opinions and vote on different issues.

With the Vocean Connector you can retrieve the insights gathered within Vocean for further use with programs already tightly involved in your organization. Use the power of our co-creation space without the need to alter your entire workflow, until you are ready to do so.

This update includes e.g. two triggers, one for identifying when a Vocean activity’s availability to you changes, and one for when an idea is added or interacted with. You are now also able to create new ideas within a Vocean activity with the use of the connector.

Visit https://vocean.com to get a free trial of our Premium License. You may also install Vocean from Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Marketplace.

Cecilia Carlsdotter, CMO, Vocean AB

Visit the Vocean connector documentation to learn more.


Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.