11 New Connectors Released in December 2020!

With December came eleven new connectors to Power Automate and the end to 2020. This year saw significant growth in connectors available on the platform, coming in at over 100 new connectors since January. We are very excited about this great connectivity to many different services that have come to the platform, and we’re looking forward to bringing even more in 2021!

Let’s take a look at the new connectors in December.

Adobe PDF Tools

“The Adobe PDF Tools Connector brings the power of Acrobat into automated document workflows without writing any code. Powered by the Adobe PDF Tools API, this connector provides world-class PDF creation and manipulation capabilities for custom document workflows. Over twenty document actions are available to convert PDF to Microsoft Office, create PDF files from Microsoft Office and HTML, OCR scanned PDFs, compress PDFs, manage security, and more. Combined with our Adobe Sign Connector, end-to-end document workflows can be built for agreements and onboarding or simply automating document conversion from shared drives and email attachments.” – Vibhor Kapoor, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Adobe Document Services

Visit the Adobe PDF Tools documentation to learn more.

Africa’s Talking Voice

“Africa’s Talking Voice is a platform that allows developers to build scalable, dynamic, fully-featured voice applications that reside entirely in the cloud. With this connector, one can easily tap into our Voice APIs to initiate outbound calls to multiple recipients and customize the interaction between your end users and our voice service. This all comes without the need to maintain expensive phone equipment.” – Crispin Kipruto, Software Engineer, Africa’s Talking

Visit the Africa’s Talking Voice documentation to learn more.

AgilePoint NX

“The AgilePoint NX connector opens up two-way communication between Power Automate and the AgilePoint digital process automation platform. Users will benefit from native support for flows within larger, more complex cross-organizational automations. Now, you can include important daily tasks performed by Power Automate in the big picture processes built in AgilePoint for maximum scalability and efficiency.” – Jesse Shiah, CEO and Co-Founder, AgilePoint

Visit the AgilePoint NX documentation to learn more.

Bitvore Cellenus

“Bitvore Cellenus is a groundbreaking AI-powered platform that delivers leading indicators of business performance for companies, industries, markets and municipal obligors to the Financial Services industry. Bitvore Cellenus ingests news, press releases, SEC filings/proxy statements, earnings call transcripts and more, using advanced NLP and machine learning to provide material events, trended sentiment, growth and risk scoring, as well as comparative analytics. The Bitvore Cellenus connector allows users to access information about the companies that Bitvore Cellenus covers.” – Steve Henning, Chief Marketing Officer, Bitvore

Visit the Bitvore Cellenus documentation to learn more.

Boomapp connect

“Are your customers feeling the struggle of fragmented conversations, split across multiple channels causing delays in response time and poor customer service? Imagine engaging with your customers through 2-way communication workflows which are automated and driven by subject and responses via intelligent messaging. Boomerang provides fully automated communication workflows seamlessly through boomapp connect, allowing intelligent messaging on the Microsoft Power Platform, without the end user having to change their behaviour. For example, you can leverage boomapp connect to integrate with business applications such as CRM, ERP, Dynamics IoT, Teams etc., taking advantage of digital messaging and standardising the process.” – David Tunnicliff, Technical Director, AlfaPeople and Peter Tanner, CEO, Boomerang Messaging

Visit the boomapp connect documentation to learn more.

Cloud BOT

“Cloud BOT is a cloud RPA that makes the web automation robot possible with no code. This connector allows you to pass data to the robot, or return data after the robot finished. It enables cooperation between various web services not having a connector yet.” – Masanori Murai, CEO, C-RISE Ltd.

Visit the Cloud BOT documentation to learn more.


“Expensya is a next-generation spend management service for B2B customers, offering the most advanced OCR and Approval Workflows. With this connector, you have the ability to administer the product, connect it to your IT infrastructure, retrieve information about ongoing spend, process invoices, and innovate on top of the Expensya platform.” – Karim Jouini, CEO, Expensya

Visit the Expensya documentation to learn more.


“Kanbanize is the leading Kanban platform for efficient project management and delivery. It helps managers gain visibility across all projects, connects planning with execution, and guides the continuous optimization of the delivery workflows. Built with scale in mind, Kanbanize can easily expand from a single delivery team a strategic portfolio. With the Kanbanize connector you can automate the creation and modification of tasks or projects coming from external sources.” – Pavel Naidenov, Head of Marketing, Kanbanize

Visit the Kanbanize documentation to learn more.

LatinShare SHP Permissions

“The LatinShare SHP permissions connector allows you to manage SharePoint security in a custom way at the site, list, and item level. Users will be able to assign, remove, and restore permissions to specific groups or users. The purpose of this tool is to simplify the administration of permissions within a site and to integrate into automatic processes that will speed up this type of action.” – Nicolás Valenzuela Guerra, Senior Engineer, LatinShare

Visit the LatinShare SHP Permissions documentation to learn more.

Power Query Dataflows

“Dataflows are a self-service, cloud-based, data preparation technology available in Power Apps, Power BI and Dynamics Customer Insights products and portals. Dataflows keep your data up to date, so it can be leveraged by Power Apps applications, Power BI reports and Dashboards, Dynamics Customer Insights and many more products and solutions that leverage Data stored in Dataverse, Power BI or Azure Data Lake Storage accounts. Learn more about how you could leverage dataflows today in our dataflow documentation. A top ask from our community members was to Integrate Dataflows with Power Automate. The most common asks were to trigger when a dataflow run has completed, and to initiate a dataflow run when different events occur, for example, when new data is available in one of the Dataflow sources. The Power Automate Dataflow connector, templates, and sample scenarios are now available for you to get started with. The dataflow connector provides a new way to react to dataflow events to act on dataflows. Combined with the other 400+ connectors available in Power Automate the possibilities are endless. You can find more details about the connector, templates and sample scenarios in our Power Automate Templates for the Dataflow connector documentation.” – Ben Sack, Program Manager, Microsoft

Visit the Power Query Dataflows documentation to learn more.


“With the Transform2All connector the transformation between data structures can be simplified to a single action in Power Automate. Support for XML, JSON, CSV and TXT files with fixed length makes this connector very powerful for integrations between systems or any other transformation you require. Stop using many building blocks to read and change data and structure and focus on the functionality you want to achieve, let Transform2All do the hard work for you.” – Arjan Jongmans, Senior Integration Consultant, GAC Business Solutions

Visit the Transform2All documentation to learn more.