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14 New Verified Connectors and 22 Updates released in August and September 2022

Welcome to the monthly newsletter! We are happy to announce that in August and September, we launched 14 new verified connectors and 22 updates from different service owners. These connectors have solutions and tools for Security, Productivity, Finance, Data, Business Management, and much more. You can view all the details and highlights below.

Thank you, all our partners, for this great partnership, and we look forward to partnering with many more companies providing wonderful solutions in the future.

New connectors



Centrical brings together real-time performance management, personalized micro-learning, augmented coaching, and advanced gamification to personally guide employees and their managers to success.

Centrical is used by the top Fortune-500 companies to meet and exceed their employee performance targets and deliver personalized learning at scale.

The Centrical connector allows you to easily send employee learning and performance (KPI) events to the Centrical platform.

These events will trigger actions and workflows that will engage your employees and improve their performance and learning.

Visit the Centrical connector documentation page to learn more.

Doron Neumann, Chief Technology Officer, Centrical

Visit the Centrical connector documentation to learn more.


ConsenSys Ethereum 

ConsenSys Ethereum Connector is a fully-managed proxy service that allows power apps and flows to integrate with the Ethereum blockchain and the Quorum Blockchain Services (QBS).

Businesses can now use the Ethereum Connector to deploy and execute smart contracts with no coding required, directly from within a flow in Azure Logic App or Microsoft Power Platform.

With the Ethereum Connector, running on a highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure, system integrators and citizen developers can control and accelerate the launch and operation of their blockchain applications on the infrastructure that best suits their needs.

Visit the ConsenSys Ethereum connector documentation to learn more.


DQ on Demand 

DQ on Demand is a complete suite of functions providing you with easy access to a data quality marketplace through the Microsoft Power Platform. Built to cleanse and enrich your customer data for marketing, sales and compliance purposes, the functions give you the ability enhance your customer data on a pay-as-you-go basis.

With over 10,000 datapoints, DQ on Demand provides access to data services including; data cleansing, enrichment, formatting, validation, verification, transformation and many more.

Visit the DQ on Demand connector documentation to learn more.



FactSet delivers superior content, analytics, and flexible technology to help more than 170,000 users globally and is continuing to open up its powerful workstation content and analytics with API access. Clients can use the newly released FactSet Power Automate connector to prepare for client meetings by accessing key company information in a custom branded, presentation ready PDF as well as stay on top of relevant news and events for companies of interest and highlight important topics to drive client interaction.

Visit the FactSet connector documentation to learn more.


iManage Work 

As the industry-leading provider of document and email management solutions for knowledge workers, we are always excited to enable enhanced platform outcomes via new capabilities. Now, by integrating with the Microsoft Power Automate platform, you can automate repetitive tasks and business processes while still keeping your content secured within the iManage environment. You always know that the content in your documents and emails is safe, secure, and highly accessible wherever you are, so you can find what you need, when you need it, allowing your teams for focus on meaningful productive work.

Shawn Misquitta, Executive Vice President of Product Management

Visit the iManage Work connector documentation to learn more.


IN-D Invoice Data Capture 

IN-D Invoice Data Capture connector converts static documents (scanned, PDFs, screenshots, etc.) into usable information to fuel your business processes. With template-agnostic accurate data capture technology, it performs both intelligent document classification and data capturing that automates processing of all kinds of commercial documents used in shipping, logistics, manufacturing operations, etc., to ensure up to 80% reduction in costs while improving process controls at the same time.

Visit the IN-D Invoice Data Capture connector documentation to learn more.


Power Assist 

Elevate Digital’s Power Assist connector offers actions to manipulate data in familiar ways that are currently difficult or unsupported within Power Automate and Power Apps.  No more long, complex expressions, convoluted conditionals, and inefficient looping: Use Power Assist to make advanced sorting, filtering, and string manipulation easier than ever. With currently over 39 specific actions across six categories (Strings, Type Checks, Arrays, Math, Validation, and HTML), Power Assist helps accelerate the development of your solutions.

Jason Bell, Chief Technologist and Strategist, Elevate Digital

Visit the Power Assist connector documentation to learn more.


SmartCOMM Doc-Gen ap10-sb 

The SmartCOMM Doc-Gen Connector for Microsoft Power Apps allows businesses more control over their business-critical customer communications. Whether those communications are created as part of a Power Automate workflow for print, pdf, email, SMS, or other digital channels, SmartCOMM empowers business users to create, manage and maintain omni-channel communication templates and make them available via systems of record. Communications can be easily personalized and delivered via preferred channels – and all completed in a secure fashion to meet regulatory and organizational standards.

Visit the SmartCOMM Doc-Gen ap10-sb connector documentation to learn more.



Talkdesk® is a global cloud contact center leader for customer-obsessed companies. Our automation-first customer experience solutions optimize our customers’ most critical customer service processes. The Talkdesk Power Platform Connector allows you to use your Talkdesk account inside Power Apps and Power Automate. Execute admin tasks like creating an agent and creating a callback, or trigger your own flows when a contact is created/updated, a note is created, or an inbound call starts in Talkdesk.

Javier Perez, Senior Director – Integrations, Talkdesk

Visit the Talkdesk connector documentation to learn more.


Tesseron ASM Ticket 

This connector allows you to create, edit and search Tickets in your Tesseron ASM Instance.

Visit the Tesseron ASM Ticket connector documentation to learn more.


Text Request 

Text Request is a service to help businesses reach customers through texting and conversation management. Use the Text Request connector to automate sending messages, add new contacts, and integrate with your CRM of choice.

Visit the Text Request connector documentation to learn more.



Tikit is a Microsoft 365 Service Desk that matures with your Microsoft 365 technology adoption and revolves around the center of where you work every day – Microsoft Teams. With Tikit, nothing slips past your support team when they can turn any Teams message into an actionable ticket, deploy a virtual agent to deflect common requests, turn emails into tickets, integrate with Power BI for deep reporting, and execute common device tasks through Tikit’s Intune connector.

With Tikit for Power Automate, you can take your organization’s request management to the next level by tapping into your current Microsoft investments across SharePoint, Teams, and Azure.

Justin Roux, COO, Tikit by Cireson

Visit the Tikit connector documentation to learn more.



Vocean is the space for co-creation. Powered by many.

This is where ideas meet and grow strong together. Here you can harness the intelligence of collectives, empower people and determine the way forward. Vocean makes it possible to benefit from other people’s intelligence. Letting them contribute with insights, give their opinions and vote on different issues.

With the Vocean Connector you can retrieve the insights gathered within Vocean for further use with programs already tightly involved in your organization. Use the power of our co-creation space without the need to alter your entire workflow, until you are ready to do so.

Visit https://vocean.com to get a free trial of our Premium License. You may also install Vocean from Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Marketplace.

Cecilia Carlsdotter, CMO, Vocean AB

Visit the Vocean connector documentation to learn more.



Yarado helps Power Automate users increase productivity, using RPA to connect users to processes outside the Power Automate environment. Easy-to-use software bridges the gap between Power Automate and other programs through graphical input. The graphic nature of the software allows for effective and quick pairing with Power Automate, resulting in strengthened process flows.

Yarado is now natively integrated into Power Automate, allowing users to request a list of software robots and tasks performed by these robots. Additionally, a selected Yarado software robot can instantly trigger tasks in Power Automate.

Jop de Bakker, CEO

Visit the Yarado connector documentation to learn more.


Updated connectors

There are 22 connectors that have updates:

  1. Adobe Acrobat Sign
  2. Adobe PDF Services
  3. CivicPlus Transform
  4. CloudConvert
  5. DocJuris
  6. DomainTools Iris Enrich
  7. DomainTools Iris Investigate
  8. Encodian
  9. IA-Connect JML
  10. IA-Connect Session
  11. ITautomate
  12. Microsoft Bookings
  13. My Acclaro
  14. OneBlink
  15. PDF4me Connect
  16. Repfabric Lead Loader
  17. ScanCloud
  18. Sociabble
  19. Teamwherx
  20. Tribal
  21. Vineforce
  22. Zvanu Parvaldnieks


Below are some of the most significant updates.


CloudConvert is a file converter service – more than 200 different file formats supported. The connector allows to convert files, compress files and create website screenshots using the CloudConvert service. As an example, you can use CloudConvert to convert PDF files to Word documents easily.

Visit CloudConvert connector documentation to learn more.


DomainTools Iris Enrich

Enrich On-Network Indicators at Scale: The DomainTools Iris Enrich API supports high query volumes of domain name attributes including Whois, DNS, SSL certificate, and risk scoring elements to help build out the needed context for appropriate disposition of indicators. It provides actionable insights-at-scale with enterprise-scale ingestion of DomainTools data on Microsoft Sentinel.

Visit DomainTools Iris Enrich connector documentation to learn more.


DomainTools Iris Investigate

Map connected infrastructure to get ahead of threats. The Iris Investigate API delivers dozens of domain name attributes on every result including Risk Score, DNS, Whois, SSL, and more. It enables easy pivoting through different domain name attributes and exposes meaningful insights with connection counts on most data fields. It is best suited for human-scale interactions.

Visit DomainTools Iris Investigate connector documentation to learn more.



Encodian is well known for its Power Automate Connector, Flowr, as your one-stop shop for document and media manipulation amongst others. But we have now gone a step further releasing our very first Power Automate trigger action, which we inventively named Trigr!

Trigr allows you to create a flow and deploy it to as many SharePoint sites as you need. No duplication necessary. You can even make use of the dynamic form features such as a people picker and password creation.

With a simple button sitting within the SharePoint toolbar, your users can access your flows without ever leaving their comfort zone.

Make automation accessible company-wide, start your free trial today.

Visit Encodian connector documentation to learn more.


IA-Connect JML

If you’re looking to automate your Joiner, Mover and Leaver processes, this is the connector for you!  Our patented SaaS platform, IA-Connect: JML Edition, has been built with tight integration to Power Automate and includes a convenient connector to provide you with an easy and robust automation solution for your JML processes.
What makes us different?  IA-Connect: JML Edition blends Power Automate cloud flows with our advanced Robotic Process Automation technology and JML specific functionality to help you to automate your JML or other business processes end-to-end. Thanks to our patented technology IA-Connect is one of the only solutions on the market that is fully hybrid, supporting local or remote, on-prem or cloud, as if it were all local-based automation. This opens a world of opportunity for automation, including legacy, bespoke, remote desktop-hosted and Citrix-hosted applications that are often too difficult to automate.
Chris Kirk, Head of Ultima Labs

Visit IA-Connect JML connector documentation to learn more.



OneBlink’s LcS is a cloud based Low-code mobile and web app development environment used to accelerate their creation of digital forms, dashboards, workflows and custom App projects to drive digital business improvement.

Using our Power Automate connector you and your organization can connect form submission data to your back-end CRM and ERP systems, generate PDFs and create notifications and email alerts all via the 1 flow.

To find out more, visit www.oneblink.io

Visit OneBlink connector documentation to learn more.


PDF4me Connect

PDF4me Connect is a comprehensive and powerful document automation and document management solution. Powered with robust and scalable APIs, PDF4me Connect for Power Apps caters to the need of any entity that handles digital documents, to connect across various apps and automate document jobs.

We are passionate to deliver the best automation solution for your various document tasks like –

  • Dynamic document generation using templates and various data sources for creating customized bills, invoices, receipts, legal contracts, letters, business quotes, and more.
  • Converting Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Images to PDF and converting from PDF to these formats
  • Splitting, merging, and editing of PDF.
  • Advanced OCR for recognizing and extracting data.
  • Creating and adding advanced barcodes and QR codes.

Andreas Frei & Chandra Arora, Founders, PDF4me

Visit PDF4me Connect connector documentation to learn more.



Trust your users and partners but verify their content! The ScanCloud connector allows you to scan documents and emails in your Power Automate flows to detect viruses, malware and other malicious content before it does damage. ScanCloud is a hybrid security platform offering a variety of security scanners. ScanCloud offers a simple to use portal where you can keep an eye on scanning activity via the dashboard as well as configure scanning options to best suit your needs.

Visit ScanCloud connector documentation to learn more.



TeamWherx™ is a cloud-based application that simplifies the management of remote, deskless, and mobile workforces. The key features of TeamWherx™ include Mobile Timekeeping, Wireless / Digital Forms, GPS Tracking, and Job Dispatching. With TeamWherx™, companies can boost their productivity and profitability by automating and digitizing business processes and communications.

Visit TeamWherx connector documentation to learn more.


Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.