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24 New Verified, 29 New Independent Publisher and 37 Updated Connectors available

We are happy to announce that since February, we launched 24 new verified connectors and 37 updates from different service owners. The new verified connectors have solutions and tools for Communication, Commerce, Business Management, Content and Files and much more.

Also, there are 29 new Independent Publisher connectors. These connectors have solutions and tools for Data, Communication, Productivity, Human Resources, and much more.  Independent Publisher connectors are connectors developed, tested, published, and supported by connector developers that are independent from the backend service or API. The Microsoft Certification team performs validations and checks to ensure that the connector is safe to use.
These connectors are available in Power Automate, Power Apps, and Azure Logic Apps. Thank you, all our partners, for this great partnership, and we look forward to partnering with many more companies providing wonderful solutions in the future.

New verified connectors

 ACS SMS Events

The ACS (Azure Communication Services) SMS Events Power Automate connector is a powerful tool that allows you to easily receive SMS messages from your Azure Communication Services resources. With a simple setup experience you can be sure that your messages are delivered and tracked from your workflow(s). Try it out today and take your communication to the next level!

Visit the ACS SMS Events connector documentation to learn more.


Bitskout helps busy teams create plugins that can extract data from documents, emails, images, in a few clicks. Use a simple user interface, load a few examples, select the fields you want to extract and that’s it. If you are overload with operations, then Bitskout can help you save up to 5 hrs per week and avoid wasting highly paid resources on manual data entry:

  • You can choose from 50+ ready made templates including Bill Of Lading, CVs, Purchase Orders, Document Recognizers, Court Documents, etc.
  • Add new plugins by loading your examples and choosing the required fields
  • Extract data from emails by providing few examples
  • Create plugins for additional analysis – understand the descriptions, categorizing information and converting your knowledge into a digital form.

Spend a few minutes and 10x the speed of your operations with automated data extraction from documents and emails! No developers or tech teams required!

Visit the Bitskout connector documentation to learn more.

Cards for Power Apps

Automatically send interactive, embeddable, data-driven, lightweight micro-experiences that bring context and action directly into Teams conversations using the new Cards for Power Apps connector. Cards for Power Apps make it easy for business users and developers alike to create and share customized cards for accelerated decision making, delightful customer support, reduced sales cycle time, capturing daily status updates, and more. Read our documentation and release blog for more information about how you can use Cards for Power Apps to bring conversations and workflows together like never before.

Anthony Uitz, Principal Product Manager

Visit the Cards for Power Apps connector documentation to learn more.



Certopus is a digital credentials platform that enables you to design, issue, verify and track tamper-resistant digital certificates and badges with ease. Whether you are an organization that wants to recognize skills or an educational and training institute that wants to reward learners, Certopus can help you do it in a secure and professional way. You can also use Certopus to motivate your workforce and retain talent.

With Certopus certified connector, you can integrate with various applications and deliver personalized and authentic digital certificates and badges to your recipients’ inboxes on the go!

Vraj Gohil, Founder, Certopus

Visit the Certopus connector documentation to learn more.



Desk365, a modern cloud-based helpdesk for the Microsoft 365 workplace, enables you to manage customer interactions across channels such as Microsoft Teams, Email, and Web Forms/Widgets effortlessly from a unified inbox. Designed to save time and automate repetitive tasks, Desk365 offers an intuitive, feature-rich platform for delivering outstanding customer service. Now, with the newly launched Desk365 connector for Power Automate and Logic Apps, you can seamlessly integrate your helpdesk with other applications, further enhancing efficiency and streamlining your customer support processes.

Ready to get started? Check out www.desk365.io and start your free 21-day trial today.

Kumar Krishnasami, Founder & CEO, Desk365

Visit the Desk365 connector documentation to learn more.



Fliplet is a no-code app building platform that empowers businesses to create custom mobile and web apps without requiring any programming skills. Our connector allows for seamless integration between Fliplet and your Microsoft products, enabling you to streamline workflows and automate processes. With this connector, businesses can easily connect their apps to hundreds of other tools and services, making it easier than ever to build powerful and integrated solutions.Ready to get started? Sign up for a free trial at Fliplet.com.

Visit the Fliplet connector documentation to learn more.


GIS Cloud

Looking to enhance your business operations with geospatial data? Look no further than GIS Cloud platform, a cutting-edge data management and data collection system that seamlessly integrates web and mobile apps. And now, thanks to our new Power Platform Connector, you can easily harness the power of our market-leading vector tiles map technology and real-time collaboration platform directly within the solutions you’re already using. With this powerful integration, you’ll be able to create and update geospatial features based on data in your Microsoft 365 environment such as emails, SharePoint or a Dynamics Application, sync data to Dataverse for PowerBI dashboards, and automate geospatial feature changes with custom data workflows. So why wait? Take your business to the next level with GIS Cloud and our new connector today!

Please see https://www.giscloud.com.

Dr. Jonathan Stanger, Solution Architect and Australia/New Zealand Partner

Visit the GIS Cloud connector documentation to learn more.



iMIS is the #1 platform for association, union, and membership management. Now, this new connector from CSI allows organizations to create automated workflows between iMIS and their other 3rd party applications with predictable pricing and performance.

These workflows can initiate either in iMIS or in a third-party application and allow for changes to iMIS Contacts, Activities, Panel data, and more (details available at https://csi.ms/paactions). They can help you create more engaging member experiences, eliminate manual data entry, alert your team to member activity, or solve other challenges unique to your organization.

Visit www.csiinc.com/powerautomate to get started today and reimagine the possibilities for your organization.

Doug Morris, Founder & Chief Product Officer

Visit the iMIS connector documentation to learn more.


LCP – iCordis

Retrieve submissions for iCordis e-loket forms, either by polling for them or by subscribing to a webhook.

Visit the LCP – iCordis connector documentation to learn more.

Microsoft Search

The Microsoft Search Connector provides an easy way to find relevant content across M365 datasets such as Files, Sites, Messages, and People. This connector brings the power of Microsoft Search to Power Automate, making it seamless to create search-driven experiences that meet the needs of your organization; Now, you can build enterprise-ready custom applications and workflows in just a few minutes.

Visit the Microsoft Search connector documentation to learn more.


OpenLegacy IBM I (AS400)

The OpenLegacy IBM i (AS/400) enables the bidirectional communication with data and logic from IBM i (AS/400) based systems through digital services deployed anywhere.

For the first time Business Apps can integrate with Cobol/PCML or IBM MQ legacy assets.

Using the OpenLegacy Hub connectors, Power Platform and Logic Apps users can unlock data and logic trapped in legacy systems to create streamlined business flows bypassing layers of complexity without writing any code or needing any legacy systems skill sets.

To learn more about OpenLegacy, please visit https://openlegacy.com
Eyal Herson – VP Product Alliances & Leigh-Ann Silver – Head of Alliances

Visit the OpenLegacy IBM I(AS400) connector documentation to learn more.

OpenLegacy IBM Mainframe

The OpenLegacy Mainframe enables the bidirectional communication with data and logic from a vast selection of IBM Mainframe systems including:

  • CICS (Cobol or PL1) Programs
  • CICS Transaction Gateway
  • VSAM files
  • Natural and IMS transaction database

Using the OpenLegacy Hub connectors, Power Platform and Logic Apps users can unlock data and logic trapped in legacy systems to create streamlined business flows bypassing layers of complexity without writing any code or needing any legacy systems skill sets.

To learn more about OpenLegacy, please visit https://openlegacy.com
Eyal Herson – VP Product Alliances & Leigh-Ann Silver – Head of Alliances

Visit the OpenLegacy Mainframe connector documentation to learn more.


PartnerLinQ Connector enables accelerated connectivity of Microsoft D365 IOM and Power Platform to any partner, vendor, 3PLs, Warehouses or Distribution Centers, with pre-built integrations to multiple third party solutions. This connector can not only fast track rollout of sophisticated order management and fulfillment capability but can also support enterprise-wide citizen development and automation across platforms, applications and partners.

More information about PartnerLinQ can be found at www.partnerlinq.com
Ahmed Samnan – SVP PartnerLinQ

Visit the PartnerLinQ connector documentation to learn more.

Recorded Future Sandbox

The Recorded Future Sandbox Connector enables security and IT teams to analyze and understand files and URLs, which provides safe and immediate behavioral analysis, helping contextualize key artifacts in an investigation, leading to faster triage. Through this connector, organizations can incorporate the malware analysis sandbox into automated workflows with applications such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Sentinel.

Visit the Recorded Future Sandbox connector documentation to learn more.



Accessing and managing the Redque system.

Visit the Redque connector documentation to learn more.


Resco Reports

Are you looking for a way to generate documents or reports on your backend? Look no further. The Resco Reports Connector is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Power Automate, allowing you to effortlessly generate highly customizable reports and documents using intuitive Resco Report Designer. With an extensive range of features and options, you can cover any level of complexity and tailor your reports to meet specific business needs. Whether you’re utilizing the mobile app or the backend for generating reports or documents, rest assured of reliable and professional outputs.

You can read more about it here.

Visit the Resco Reports connector documentation to learn more.


Survalyzer EU & Survalyzer Swiss

The Survalyzer platform supports market researchers, educational and scientific institutions, governmental organizations, and companies in creating and evaluating surveys in more than 50 languages to provide quick and meaningful insights. The connector simplifies integration tasks with the platform like automated invitation handling, downloading results into a CRM system or managing a participant panel. All functionality the Survalyzer API offers in both data centers (EU and Swiss) is also available in the Survalyzer connector with a few clicks.

Benjamin Lutz, Chief Technology Officer

Visit the Survalyzer EU & Survalyzer Swiss connectors documentation to learn more.


Tesseron Invoice

This connector allows you to create activity recordings and position notes.

Visit the Tesseron Invoice connector documentation to learn more.


The Bot Platform

Connect The Bot Platform’s bots to any application, send messages to bot users, set attribute values using your existing bots at The Bot Platform.

Visit the The Bot Platform connector documentation to learn more.



Tulip, the leader in frontline operations, is helping companies worldwide equip their workforce with connected apps, leading to higher quality work, improved efficiency, and end-to-end traceability across operations. Tulip customers have a long history of connecting their frontline operations applications to external systems. Using Tulip’s connector framework and Microsoft Power Automate, it’s even easier to connect your Tulip apps to the Microsoft ecosystem and beyond. Manufacturers can now connect their frontline workers to the business software they use daily. Tulip are already seeing customers using the connector to resolve issues faster with Teams collaboration, further automating process and reducing admin e.g. having delivery drivers enter data that is transferred to and triggering Tulip processes. Find out more about how customers are using Microsoft Power customer with Tulip in Tulip’s recent blog.
Eddy Atkins, EMEA Strategic Alliances

Visit the Tulip connector documentation to learn more.


VitaCloud Quotes

Introducing the VitaCloud Quotes API, your go-to source for a vast collection of workplace-friendly quotes from over 700 famous authors and celebrities. With more than 20 themes to choose from, including humour, wisdom, science, inspiration, philosophy, and happiness, you’re sure to find the perfect quote to inspire your team or kickstart your day.

And if you’re looking for an effortless way to bring these carefully curated quotes into your workspace, our Microsoft-certified Quotes connector is the solution you’ve been searching for. Compatible with Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Apps in your Office 365 subscription, it’s never been easier to incorporate daily, tailored, and even random VitaCloud quotes into your workday routine. Imagine starting your day with a fresh inspirational quote in your inbox or sharing a new daily quote in your team’s channels with adaptive cards.

Getting started is a breeze – simply visit our website or API portal and subscribe to one of our API products. With both free and paid options available, you can choose the one that best fits your needs. And if you have any questions or need assistance with using the connector or integrating our APIs into your product, our team is always here to help.

With VitaCloud Quotes API and Microsoft’s Power Platform, you have everything you need to inspire your team and drive success. So why wait? Subscribe today and start exploring the endless possibilities.

Kapil Mehta, Customer Happiness Manager

Visit the VitaCloud Quotes connector documentation to learn more.


WQRM Risk Forecast Services

This connector provides services to select, analyze and generate risk performance data, models, and forecasts for financial risks. The outcomes can be used in financial risk evaluations, forecasting models and analyses.

Embedded in webpages, detailed information of the connector can be found at https://www.westernqrm.com/usregion
Chuck Qi

Visit the WQRM Risk Forecast Services connector documentation to learn more. 


Zoho ZeptoMail

Paragraph. ZeptoMail is a transactional email sending service. With a singular focus on transactional email delivery like verification, invoice, order placed, security code emails, etc, ZeptoMail ensures great deliverability and inbox placement for these important emails.

With ZeptoMail’s Power Automate integration, users can connect applications and create workflows—cloud flows, desktop flows, and business process flows. It will help you automate your email-sending process by developing a trigger and action model.

Visit https://zoho.to/zeptomail-ms to learn more about ZeptoMail.

Nikkitha Senthil, Product Marketing Manager, Zoho ZeptoMail

Visit the Zoho ZeptoMail connector documentation to learn more.


Updated connectors

There are 37 connectors that have updates:

  1. absentify
  2. Adobe Acrobat Sign
  3. Adobe Experience Manager
  4. Advanced Data Operations
  5. Airmeet
  6. Autodesk Data Exchange
  7. Azure Batch Speech-to-text
  8. Azure IoT Central V3
  9. CivicPlus Transform
  10. Cyberday
  11. CyberProof
  12. Doc To Pdf
  13. DocumentsCorePack
  14. DocuSign
  15. Dokobit Portal
  16. Emigo
  17. Encodian
  18. Envoy
  19. GetAccept
  20. Impexium
  21. InfoQuery
  22. LMS365
  23. Meisterplan
  24. Oneflow
  25. Oodrive Sign
  26. OpenText Core Share
  27. OpenText eDOCS
  28. OpenText Extended ECM
  29. PDF4me Connect
  30. PDF4me SwissQR
  31. Scrive eSign
  32. SmartCOMM DocGen
  33. SmartDialog
  34. Tribal
  35. tyntec WhatsApp Business
  36. Vineforce
  37. YakChat

Below are some of the most significant updates.

We’re excited to announce the latest update to absentify’s Power Automate Connector, now supporting the Multi-Approver feature for more efficient and flexible workflows. This enhancement expands the range of properties that can be utilized in Power Automate, empowering users to designate multiple approvers for tasks and processes.

Visit the absentify connector documentation to learn more.


Advanced Data Operations

We’re pleased to announce that the Advanced Data Operations connector now includes the ability to run C# code in-line from an in-built operation.  Two operations have been added.  The first is the expression operation which allows you to perform string-based operations like dynamic calculations and the second is a fully functioning C# script execution operation.

This opens up the power of System.Linq, Newtonsoft.Json and large portions of the .NET framework without having to spin up a single service in Azure!

It has the potential to cut larger flows down to much more manageable sizes. This is especially pertinent in cases where there’s a lot of conditional logic, JSON operations, data manipulation and variable usage.

Visit the Advanced Data Operations connector documentation to learn more.


Azure Batch Speech-to-text

Accurately transcribe audio to text in more than 100 languages and variants with Microsoft Azure Speech service. This connector is built on top of the latest batch transcription restful API and enables you to transcribe a large amount of audio in storage. You can point to audio files with a shared access signature (SAS) URI and asynchronously receive transcription results.

Visit the tech community blog to learn more.

Visit the Azure Batch Speech-to-text connector documentation to learn more.



DocumentsCorePack brings together document generation, processing, and document automation on the Power Platform.

Our Connector supports over 25 actions, such as generate a document, print documents, save to SharePoint, use e-Signature functions, or simply attach to an e-mail and many more.
With our easy and intuitive template designer you can create and edit your templates directly in Microsoft Word. A direct link to your Dataverse or Dynamics 365 allows to map the data you need via drag & drop: No programming skills required.

Customers can now use the DocumentscorePack Connector to automate their documents via Power Automate or to add document capabilities to their Power Apps and Dynamics 365.

Whether you need to send sales or service documents, internal reports, or contracts for signing, DocumentsCorePack will help you streamline and simplify your document requirements.

Visit our DocumentsCorePack website to learn more.

Visit the DocumentsCorePack connector documentation to learn more.


DocuSign’s connector for Power Automate lets customers quickly automate document generation, sending, and signing.

DocuSign has added two new actions (Get envelope custom fields and Update envelope custom fields) to enhance the use of DocuSign templates with Power Automate. These actions allow customers to read and update envelope custom fields used in templates.

DocuSign Trigger event When an envelope status changes now has more envelope statuses, including declined, deleted, voided, corrected, purged, and resent. It also includes the DocuSign Click statuses agreed and declined. All of these additions broaden the range of events that can trigger a Power Automate workflow.

Visit the DocuSign connector documentation to learn more.

Dokobit Portal

The Dokobit Portal connector allows companies to automate electronic signature collection processes by setting up custom document workflows without having to do it manually each time.

With this update, you’ll be able to update existing document signings, validate electronic signatures using our eIDAS-certified qualified e-signatures and e-seals validation service and allow participants to sign documents using Authentication-based signatures.

Visit the Dokobit Portal connector documentation to learn more.



Encodian offers two ground-breaking solutions to improve functionality and accessibility to automation within your company: Flowr and Trigr, both of which have free trials and plans!

Encodian Flowr 

The Encodian Flowr connector is your one-stop shop for media manipulation using Power Automate! We help you turn time-consuming manual document conversion, creation, and management into automated workflows.

We are constantly releasing new features. Check out our most recent updates below:

? Start your free Flowr trial today!

Encodian Trigr  

The Encodian Trigr solution allows you to create a flow and use it on as many SharePoint sites as you need. No duplication necessary. You can even use the dynamic form features such as a people picker and password creation.

With a simple button in the SharePoint toolbar, your users can access your flows without leaving their comfort zone.

Recent upgrades:

  • New dynamic form field for mandatory and non-mandatory checkboxes.
  • New dynamic form fields for both SharePoint and Active Directory groups.
  • When your free trial is finished, you automatically move to our free plan.

? Make automation accessible companywide. Start your free Trigr trial today!

Visit the Encodian connector documentation to learn more.


InfoQuery empowers Resware users to automate front and back-office business processes. Leverage your Resware data in a no-code or low-code format.

The InfoQuery connector integrates Resware data with Power Automate, Logic Apps, and Power Apps:  build automations or apps to add documents and notes to a Resware file from your mobile device; automate order entry with the InfoQuery connector so orders can be opened immediately upon receipt, without errors; and integrate small vendors without large development overhead.

This update concentrates on improving the “Create New File” action.

Visit the InfoQuery connector documentation to learn more.


As the only learning platform built into Microsoft 365 & Teams, LMS365 enables employees to learn in the flow of work and empowers admins to create custom learning environments for their teams.

Connectors allow custom applications to interact with LMS365 data using Microsoft Power Apps. In case you need to get additional data that can’t be accessed with default LMS365 connectors, you can create and use your own connectors.

In our latest update, we’ve made improvements to the LMS365 Connector that has enhanced the syncing of data within the LMS365 platform, creating a more synergistic learning and training environment.

Visit the LMS365 connector documentation to learn more.


Meisterplan is a portfolio-level resource management tool that helps portfolio and resource managers manage people across teams and initiatives whether your work is traditional, agile or hybrid.

With the update to the Microsoft Power Automate Connector for Meisterplan, you can now use triggers on Meisterplan Project events. For example, you can use a trigger to inform Project Managers about changes in Meisterplan in any collaboration tool such as Microsoft Teams. We have also added actions to read and update resource absences.

Visit the Meisterplan connector documentation to learn more.


Oneflow connectors allow users to automate contract management workflows at scale between applications like Salesforce, SharePoint, Business Central, Zendesk or any other app on the Power Automate platform. This most recent update allows flow creators to specify which user in their Oneflow account will execute the actions ensuring that requests are executed as the intended owner of the contract. Oneflow connectors make contract management easier and more efficient than ever before.

Visit the Oneflow connector documentation to learn more.


OpenText Core Share

OpenText Core is a fast-deploying SaaS content management solution that delivers simple, agile and secure cloud-based content management. Core integrates into crucial business process applications, including SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud, Salesforce and Microsoft 365 to maximize employee productivity, accelerate business processes and enhance governance.

Now you can bring content and processes even more together by combining it in your low code solutions.

Visit the OpenText Core Share connector documentation to learn more.

OpenText eDOCS

OpenText eDOCS is a flexible, collaborative enterprise content management (ECM) system designed to support legal and other professional services organizations.

Now you can bring content and processes more together by combining it in your low code solutions to ensure that critical business content is managed and secure throughout the content lifecycle, while remaining easily accessible for day-to-day operations.

Visit the OpenText eDOCS connector documentation to learn more.

OpenText Extended ECM

OpenText Extended ECM is an enterprise content management platform that securely governs the information lifecycle by integrating with leading enterprise applications, such as SAP, Microsoft 365, Salesforce and SAP SuccessFactors.

You can bring content and processes more together by combining it in your low code solutions and provide access to information when and where it’s needed which improves decision-making and drives operational effectiveness. Also works with OpenText Content Server.

Visit the OpenText Extended ECM connector documentation to learn more.


SmartCOMM DocGen

This new releases extends support for the SmartCOMM Doc-Gen Connector for Microsoft Power Apps to work across more seamlessly across global regions. The SmartCOMM Doc-Gen Connector for Microsoft Power Apps allows businesses more control over their business-critical customer communications. Whether those communications are created as part of a Power Automate workflow for print, pdf, email, SMS, or other digital channels, SmartCOMM empowers business users to create, manage and maintain omni-channel communication templates and make them available via systems of record. Communications can be easily personalized and delivered via preferred channels – and all completed in a secure fashion to meet regulatory and organizational standards.

Visit the SmartCOMM Doc-Gen connector documentation to learn more.



SmartDialog official connector now even more versatile! Now you can manage SmartDialog Group Service Contacts, which means you can synchronize members from Azure AD, to have an always up-to-date list of employee phone numbers, which can come in handy for sending SMS in emergency situations. Split up employees by site or department, to suite your needs.

“SmartDialog offers quick, reliable, and versatile Cloud based messaging. With our connector you get a growing number of bi-directional channels, from SMS to WhatsApp and beyond. Based in Finland, we focus on Europe and the Nordics, but have global reach available.”

Patrik Norrgård, CTO, Arena Interactive Oy

Visit the SmartDialog connector documentation to learn more.

tyntec WhatsApp Business

tyntec’s communications platform provides both telephony services such as SMS and over-the-top channels such as WhatsApp to help businesses reach any mobile subscribers around the world. With the tyntec WhatsApp Business connector, you can send WhatsApp template messages directly from your flows. You can even send different content types such as photos, free-form text messages. For more details, please check out the tyntec WhatsApp Business doc.

Visit the tyntec WhatsApp Business connector documentation to learn more.

New independent publisher connectors

1pt by Troy Taylor

1pt is a URL shortening service and hosts over 15,000+ redirects with 200,000+ visits.

View this connector in GitHub.


Affirmations by Troy Taylor

Retrieve daily affirmations. Inspired by the Saturday Night Live skit, “Daily Affirmations With Stuart Smalley”.

View this connector in GitHub.


Airlabs by Andras Fordos

Airlabs collects extensive real-time aviation and flight data from thousands of sources to cleanse, aggregate and organize it into comprehensive collections.

View this connector in GitHub.


Anthropic by Troy Taylor

Claude is a large language model (LLM) built by Anthropic. It’s trained to be a helpful assistant in a conversational tone.

View this connector in GitHub.


APITemplate by Troy Taylor

With the APITemplate.io service, you can create PDF documents and images, and manage your templates. Generate social media images, banners or PDFs from reusable templates with no coding!

View this connector in GitHub.


Bkk Futar by Andras Fordos

Get and search planned and real-time information from the BKK FUTAR system – public transportation of Budapest – regarding journeys, vehicles, stops and many more!

View this connector in GitHub.


Cohere by Troy Taylor

Cohere is making natural language processing part of every developer’s toolkit. Harness the power of language understanding. Join the developers and businesses who are using Cohere to generate, categorize and organize text at a scale that was previously unimaginable.

View this connector in GitHub.


Courier by Troy Taylor

Courier is a service and web studio for development teams to manage all product-triggered communications (email, chat, in-app, SMS, push, etc.) in one place. Courier is built for developers who want to deliver an exceptional notification experience.

View this connector in GitHub.


DigiDates by Troy Taylor

DigiDates.de provides a service for time and date calculations.

View this connector in GitHub.


Exact Time & Billing by Indocs

This API contains all methods for the Exact Online package “Time & Billing”.

View this connector in GitHub.


Forem by Daniel Laskewitz

Forem is an open source platform for building modern, independent, and safe communities.

View this connector in GitHub.


GitHub Utils by Daniel Laskewitz

The GitHub Utils connector has a bunch of actions in there that can help you with certain topics that you can encounter. For instance, it’s possible to get information about licenses and code of conducts, to convert markdown to HTML and much more!

View this connector in GitHub.


Instagram Basic Display by Reshmee Auckloo

The Instagram Basic Display connector allows users of your app to get basic profile information, photos, and videos in their Instagram accounts. The API is intended for non-Business and non-Creator Instagram users.

View this connector in GitHub.


Instatus by Troy Taylor

Get a status page that’s resilient to downtime & quick to load. Your status page is static and loads independently from any backend.

View this connector in GitHub.


jService by Troy Taylor

jService contains over 200,000 trivia questions from Jeopardy. Clues can be retrieved by dollar value, category, or date of the show.

View this connector in GitHub.


NumlookupAPI by Troy Taylor

Automate your phone number verification process by checking carrier information with our free and worldwide phone number lookup service.

View this connector in GitHub.


OpenAI GPT by Troy Taylor

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research laboratory. The company conducts research in the field of AI with the stated goal of promoting and developing friendly AI in a way that benefits humanity as a whole. Through this connector you can access the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 (GPT-4), an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text, plus many other models.

View this connector in GitHub.


Originality.AI by Osazee Odigie

This is a simple connector that allows users to access their Originality.AI data. Users can easily check for plagiarism and detect AI-written content as well as get information about their account such as usage report, account credit and more.

View this connector in GitHub.


PaySpace by Mint Management Technologies

Our powerful solution allows you to access your employee data in order to utilize in your business environment. All supported endpoints in one place and ready to be integrated into your solution.

View this connector in GitHub.


Pushover by Glen Hutson

Pushover makes it easy to get real-time notifications on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop.

View this connector in GitHub.


Rijksmuseum by Ashwin Ganesh Kumar

Retrieve metadata of objects from the Rijksmuseum collection.

View this connector in GitHub.


ScrapingBee by Troy Taylor

ScrapingBee is the most powerful web scraping service on the web. It will handle headless browsers, proxies, CAPTCHAs, extracting complex structured information from any website with CSS selectors, and running JavaScript scenarios (click, scroll, form filling, etc.).

View this connector in GitHub.


Scryfall by Troy Taylor

Scryfall is a powerful Magic: The Gathering card search. Scryfall currently indexes official Magic cards that someone could obtain, collect, or feasibly build with for competitive or casual formats.

View this connector in GitHub.


SendFox by Troy Taylor

SendFox is the most affordable newsletter solution on the planet. Automatically generate and schedule your newsletters with your best content. Set up a beautiful smart landing page within minutes – without a website.

View this connector in GitHub.


Stability.ai by Troy Taylor

Stability.ai is the world’s leading open source generative AI company. We strongly believe that our open source ethos provides the definitive path for the creation and access of cutting-edge research. Stability AI-backed research communities are currently developing breakthrough AI models applied to imaging, language, code, audio, video, 3D content, design, biotech and other scientific research.

View this connector in GitHub.


TAGGUN Receipt OCR Scanning by Amjed Ayoub

TAGGUN Receipt OCR Scanning makes it easy for users to bring to life meaningful projects with receipt OCR. The idea is to scan receipt images and digitalize them into structured data that other software can understand. Expects only running software, real reactions, and beautifully crafted backend services to serve your every desire to transcribe a piece of paper to digital form.

View this connector in GitHub.


Webex Integration by Oscar Hui

Webex Integration for meetings.

View this connector in GitHub.


Worldwide Bank Holidays by Reshmee Auckloo

Return public holidays per country code as provided by Nager.Date.

View this connector in GitHub.


Zapier NLA by Troy Taylor

Zapier is an integration platform with over 5,000+ apps and 50,000+ actions. Natural Language Actions (NLA) is optimized to receive user input in natural language to perform actions pre-configured by the user.

View this connector in GitHub.


Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.