6 New Connectors in April

Another six connectors were added in April, providing connectivity to services that offer CMS and business solutions! Continue reading on to see how you can leverage these awesome connectors in your automation story.

In related news, we’re very quickly approaching the milestone of 500 connectors available on the platform. It’s been great to see the growth of connectivity to these fantastic services and we’re excited for what’s to come.

Do check back next month for the monthly installment of connector releases!

Flotiq headless CMS

“Flotiq is the only headless Content Management System that features a Power Automate connector. With this – Flotiq now enables endless possibilities for integrating with existing enterprise systems, makes data migration easier and fits perfectly in existing environments. Using Flotiq and the Power Platform enterprises can now accelerate their adoption of headless content management and the modern API-based application development paradigm.”

Visit the Flotiq headless CMS documentation to learn more.

Resco Cloud

“Resco Cloud provides you with all-in-one mobile business solutions that are highly customizable, secure, feature-rich, and above all, 100% offline-ready, no compromises. The connector brings cutting edge mobility to any third-party systems and applications that support Power Automate integrations. Connect Resco Cloud with your solution via Power Automate – seamlessly, without any coding.” -Peter Sartoris, Tech-Lead Developer, Resco

Visit Resco Cloud documentation to learn more.


“RiskIQ gives you back visibility and control across the extended enterprise, providing researchers, analysts, and teams on the ground visibility into their digital presence from every angle. It also provides CISOs and security management visibility into how attackers are targeting the organization. This real-time intelligence derived from both the enterprise attack surface and adversary infrastructure is key to prioritizing, analyzing, and triaging the new breed of pervasive, massive-scale threats currently wreaking havoc on the global community. RiskIQ PassiveTotal connector allows organizations to enrich event data with context to more efficiently and effectively respond to alerts, events, and incidents.”-Brandon Dixon- VP of Strategy

Visit the RiskIQ documentation to learn more.


“intelliHR is a People Management and Analytics platform that empowers organizations to work strategically, not just administratively. The intelliHR connector allows streamlined and automated solutions for continuous performance management, employee engagement and wellbeing, core human resources processes including onboarding and compliance, and more. Take control of your HR and people management activities and build a thriving culture that gets the most out of your most important asset: your people.”-Rob Bromage, CEO intelliHR

Visit the intelliHR documentation to learn more.


“The Asite connector allows users to transfer files bi-directionally between Asite and other business systems, enabling organizations working on capital projects to come together, plan, design, and build with seamless information sharing across the entire supply chain. Here, valuable metadata that is assigned to files in Asite can also be transferred, this includes system and custom metadata. The connector opens Asite up to an array of solutions on Microsoft Power Automate and is part of the wider Asite Ecosystem which works to further enhance our platform offering and provide our users with all of the tools they need to connect and build better.” – Denis Antony, Senior Vice President Global Product Management, Asite

Visit the Asite documentation to learn more.

Captisa Forms

“Create free online forms with workflows, conditional logic, duplicate detection rules, multi-level select, lookup, repeating panels, tabs, accordions. Add views and filters use them to analyze your data using charts or pivot grids, and then present them in dashboard. Automate document creation using Captisa Word Template, send PDF documents as email attachments, download PDF or Word documents. Generate multiple custom PDF or Word documents from a single form or linked forms. Share multiple forms with people outside of your organization with Portals.”

Visit the Captisa Forms documentation to learn more.