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7 New API Owner Connectors and 10 Updates released this October

October was an exciting month where we launched seven new API owner connectors and ten updates to existing connectors. These services range from reporting, CRM, PSA solutions, and many more. You can read below to learn more about these services.

Sigma Conso Consolidation

Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting Connector provides a set of APIs to interact with your Consolidation & Reporting application. Easily transfer data, trigger actions, and automate workflows in Sigma Conso. Go beyond the limits of traditional CPM solutions.

Vincent Cornil, IT Director, Sigma Conso Consolidation

Visit the Sigma Conso Consolidation documentation to learn more.


With the Nextcom Power Automate connection, Nextcom offers a simplified integration process into their cloud-based CRM solution for new and existing customers.

Through Power Automate, Nextcom customers are now able to pipe data into the Nextcom system and add new customers and sales opportunities.
These are automatically prepared and displayed in the Nextcom user interface, streamlining the CRM process for the customer.
By utilizing the quick and easy connection-process offered by Power Automate, new customers are able to on-board to Nextcom on their own.
Going forward new actions will be added to the Nextcom connector based on customer needs and market demands.

Visit the Nextcom documentation to learn more.

Polaris PSA

Polaris is the world’s first self-driving PSA solution that analyzes real-time data to recommend the best possible choices for proactive decision-making. It automatically harvests data from users and systems to deliver real-time visibility into projects, resources, and finances. With the Polaris PSA connector, you can continuously synchronize data bi-directionally between Microsoft Project and Polaris PSA. Your projects, along with their work breakdown structure and user assignments will be imported and continuously synchronized into Polaris PSA, while validated and approved time data will be synchronized from Polaris PSA back to your Microsoft projects giving you real-time budgets vs actuals.

– Scott Bales – Vice President, Enterprise Solution Engineering and Delivery, Polaris

Visit the Polaris documentation to learn more.


Staffbase is an internal communications platform built to revolutionize the way you work and unite your company. With the Staffbase connector for Power Automate you bridge the gap between different tools and systems and include the Staffbase platform in your automated workflows. Leverage the power of automated workflows that include your employee app or intranet to automate processes, run tasks on a schedule, or notify users as events take place.

Visit the Staffbase documentation to learn more.

Connectors Updates: This month we published ten updates and few of our partners have shared the details.


We’re excited to announce an upgrade to the DocJuris connector that automates key processes during contract negotiations. This upgrade includes a new trigger for internal comments, a new action to download a screening report automatically, and better control over contract creation.

Data8 Data Enrichment

Data8 are a world-leading innovator of data quality solutions. We’re experts in validating global address and geolocation data, as well as verifying bank details, phone numbers, email addresses and other pieces of data in real-time. This ensures unmatched data quality regardless of your system and its age.

Data8 is proud to release a UK deceased action in Power Automate, alongside its existing wide range of actions.


The latest update for the timeghost Power Automate connector includes the option for users to set up an external ID with the connector as well. Besides that, it includes bug fixes e.g., for the permission settings in timeghost.