Announcing Delay, Command-Line Arguments, and Copy-Paste Features for UI Flows

We are excited to announce the availability of Delay, Command-line argument, and Copy-paste features in Power Automate UI flows. These features empower our customers to have more options in building UI flows and more control over UI flow executions.


The Delay action can be added as an explicit action anywhere in UI flow. The wait time’ formatting is straightforward: enter the duration count and pick the unit of time. For example, ‘2’ and ‘Seconds’ would configure this action to wait two seconds. Read the full documentation.

Selecting the Delay action in UI flows

Finding the Delay action in UI flows

Command-line arguments

The Command-line argument feature is available in the launch action’s advanced options. Use this feature to configure how the application launches. Read the full documentation.

Configuring command line argument in UI flows

Finding command line argument in UI flows

Copy and paste

The copy and paste feature is available in the . . . menu and My clipboard. You can copy any action or scope and then add it from My clipboard. This feature supports copying and adding actions within the same scope. You cannot paste actions into other scopes or UI flows. Read the full documentation.

Copy an action in UI flows from the ... menu

Copying an action in UI flows