Enhanced governance control for desktop flow logs

We’re excited to share a new data governance preview feature for desktop flows that allows administrators to control when desktop flow run action logs are captured or disable them completely. This is an environment-level setting available in the Power Platform admin center that provides three options:

   Showing an environment-level setting screenshot that allows admins to configure desktop flow action logs
  • Enabled (default): Suitable for most scenarios where you want to capture desktop flow run action logs as before. It’s useful for troubleshooting, monitoring and auditing purposes, as well as for analyzing the performance of your desktop flows.​
  • On run failure: Useful if you want to reduce the amount of log data generated by your desktop flow runs and are not required to capture successful run logs. By logging only when a runtime error occurs, you can minimize the amount of data stored in case you have limited storage capacity and don’t need to audit, retain, monitor or report on successful runs.
  • Disabled: Applies to situations where you are not required to and also don’t wish to record desktop flow run action logs at all.

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