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Flow of the Week: Get notified about posts to Yammer, Twitter or Disqus with negative sentiment

This week we would like to highlight one of the recently added services: Cognitive Services Text Analytics. With this service, you can detect if text has generally positive or negative sentiment. This is particularly useful when you have a large amount of comments coming in from customers and you want to be able to filter that large stream of input down to a manageable quantity. With a flow that uses this service, you can be much faster in responding to comments that require quick response.

Pick a service to get posts from

First, pick which service you would like to get posts from. We have created 3 different templates that you can use, or you could build this flow from scratch for any of the other service that you want:

Go to the above link for your service and select Use this template.

Connect to your services

Next, you’ll need to connect to your services. For Cognitive Services Text Analytics, you will need to get a free key. Start by going to this link and signing in with one of the accounts there (you can use a Microsoft Account, GitHub or LinkedIn). You may need to verify your email. Once you have an account, select “Text Analytics – Preview“, and Subscribe at the bottom. Next, you can see the Key by selecting Show on the Text Analytics – Preview row, copy that to your clipboard.

Finally, back in the Flow website, paste that key into the Account Key field for connecting to Cognitive Services. For Yammer, Disqus or Twitter, use the credentials you use for that service.

Configure the flow

The last step is to configure the flow. This means you have to enter, in the trigger, the Search text for Twitter, the Channel for Disqus, or the Group for Yammer. This is also your opportunity to change any other settings, such as which language to translate the posts into. Once you have finished, select Create flow at the top of the screen. If you haven’t installed the Microsoft Flow application for iOS or Android, be sure to install that and sign in, or else you won’t get the notification. With that, you’re all set to be able to quickly handle negative posts via whichever channel you want.