Microsoft Power Automate Process Mining is generally available

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Microsoft Power Automate Process Mining, a new capability that helps you understand business processes in your organization, uncover inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and achieve process optimization. Process and task mining are changing the way businesses optimize their processes, save costs, and discover opportunities to run more efficient business operations. With Power Automate Process Mining, you now can:

  1. Define and measure the business challenges of the process you want to analyze or improve.
  2. Leverage AI to analyze and generate insights to create solutions and automation.
  3. Deliver return on investment (ROI) through action against the insights and establish continuous monitoring and improvement of your processes.

The introduction of process and task mining in Power Automate enables our customers to control their end-to-end automation lifecycle with a single solution. It also comes at a time when companies are seeking ways to improve their business processes, save costs, and do more with less. Customers can effectively do so by acting on insights from Power Automate Process Mining to create optimization solutions using other applications in the Microsoft ecosystem or solutions that they already use today.

Try entitlements for Process Mining for free with the Power Automate trial license.

How Power Automate Process Mining works

Event logs from multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), human resources (HR), and other systems of records, as well as task recordings can be ingested into Power Automate Process Mining. This data is analyzed, and a process model with details of the inner workings of the process is made available to draw insights on and zoom into root causes of the inefficiencies. Recommendations and next best actions to address these inefficiencies are made available to implement along with business intelligence (BI) tools to continually monitor process performance. Optimizations can be continually made, as suggested by Process Mining, to achieve process excellence for both the process at hand as well as other processes, setting up a process excellence flywheel in your organization.

Power Automate Process Mining capabilities

Get an “x-ray” like visibility into how a process is being executed within your organization. A visual process map gives you insights into the ideal and non-ideal processes, what average durations of the activities are, the number of activities that have been reworked, and more.

Process map visualized with Power Automate Process Mining.

Get insights and directions for opportunities to automate and deploy solutions for using generative AI where available.

Uncovering process inefficiencies with Process Mining Root cause analysis.

Track how your processes are performing with optimizations in place and continually bring improvements.

Monitoring the performance of automated process.

Watch it in action in this video with voiceover:

Act quickly on Power Automate Process Mining insights with the assistance of AI

With AI copilot capabilities now available in Microsoft Power Platform and Power Automate, our customers are experiencing first-hand how dramatically AI can accelerate the work of pro-developers and how easily non-developers can be engaged in building solutions across your organization. It has never been easier to act quickly on insights provided by Power Automate Process Mining so your teams can optimize resources, improve customer experiences, and focus on innovation.

Keep on the lookout for more news on copilot capabilities coming to Power Automate and Process Mining. In the meantime, if you missed us at Microsoft Inspire 2023, you can see our latest Microsoft Power Platform and Power Automate copilot features in action in this session delivered by our Vice President of Power Apps, Ryan Cunningham, “Accelerate and scale innovation with AI and the Power Platform.


Power Automate Process Mining is available for sale via all channels and in all regions that Power Platform is currently sold in. Please contact your Microsoft sales representative. For licensing information, please visit Overview of process mining and task mining in Power Automate

Get started with Power Automate Process Mining

We have several resources for you to get started with Power Automate Process Mining, including:

The Power Automate trial license includes entitlements for Process Mining for you to try for free.