Moderate Disqus comments using sentiment analysis and Flow

Today on Flow of the Week, we will be showcasing how you can moderate negative posts in a Disqus channel on your blog, forum or a website that uses Disqus.

The flow tracks comments on a specified channel in Disqus and uses the Microsoft Text Analytics to detect sentiment in a comment. The sentiment is scored on a scale of 0.0 to 1.0, where 0.0 is an extremely negative sentiment and 1.0 is an extremely positive sentiment. In our testing, we have found that any comment with a score of less than 0.3 is negative. The Text Analytics services requires an account key which you can grab for free from here

Click here to initiate creating a Flow from a template, next setup your connections, as shown and click Continue

In the Flow designer, choose the channel you’d like to moderate from the drop down.

This template translates all Disqus messages to English if you wish to change the target language you can do that by editing the Translate text action.

Click Create Flow and in a few minutes you have successfully created a workflow that will send you push notifications for negative comments on your Disqus channel. As this template using Push notifications, don’t forget to download the Flow iOS or Android app to receive notifications.

As always, we welcome comments or questions on our forums, blogs and social handles. Let us know how you’d use Flow to streamline or automate your busy work.