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More September Updates for Flow

This month we’ve already released that Microsoft Flow is available for everyone to sign up and experiences for Developers to embed a view of Microsoft Flow templates into their web site and use a flow as an HTTP endpoint. By the end of September we will release a more couple new features for flow. 

Microsoft Graph People Picker

With the next release it’ll be easier than ever to use the Send Email action. A new Microsoft Graph people picker is integrated directly into the Microsoft Flow UI to help you choose the right contact or email address. This new feature will help to prevent mistyping a colleague’s email address.

Mircosoft Dynamics AX support

Microsoft Flow integrates well with Dynamics CRM Online, and today we added support for Dynamics AX Online as well. From inside your flows you can now take action on your operations data, from creating new records to querying for data. You can try it out yourself by searching for Dynamics AX when you add an action to your flow:

There also is an improvement to the Dynamics CRM support: you can now trigger flows based on a record being deleted. 

Two new services from partners

appFigures is a reporting platform for mobile app developers. There are triggers for events around your mobile apps (such as when there is a new review):

appFigures triggers

There is also an action for listing all of your products. Learn more about appFigures here.

Insightly is a customer relationship and project management tool, and it will be coming soon. Learn more about Insightly here.