New AI Builder capabilities now Generally Available

General availability releases

We are excited to announce that several AI Builder preview model types are becoming generally available. Generally available models are considered production ready. The following AI Builder features are becoming generally available on October 1st, 2020:

Explicitly tag fields in form processing: The ability to tag fields that are not automatically detected by AI Builder is now generally available. This enables you to extract the exact piece of information that you need from your documents.

Text translation: The ability to translate text to more than 60 languages is now generally available. Leverage the latest improvements in machine translation to process text from different languages from all your customers.

Predict a number: The ability to predict a numeric field is now generally available. You can use it to predict days needed to finish a work item, potential cost for a project or more numbers that matter to your business.

Realtime Prediction: Realtime capability is available for prediction models. You can call a model in a flow to predict in real-time.

In addition to the generally available features, the following features are available in preview:

Receipt processing (preview): This prebuilt AI model enables you to extract standard information from receipts. This process can be easily automated with a new action in Power Automate.

It is now easier to infuse AI in your business processes and automate document processing at scale with the following improvements:

Invoice processing starter kit: This starter kit provides an end to end solution to process invoices at scale with the Power Platform. It is now available on GitHub in addition to AppSource.

Power Automate dedicated actions for AI Builder: Most of the AI Builder model types now have their own actions in Power Automate. You can find these actions when you search for the type of action you want to automate.

Key updates in this release

Form processing

Explicitly tag fields in form processing

With AI Builder form processing, you can accelerate your business processes by automating information extraction from forms you work with every day.  These can include invoices, purchase orders, tax forms, and others. In May 2020, we introduced the ability to tag fields that are not automatically detected by AI Builder, today we are making this functionality generally available which means you can use this feature with confidence in a production state.

When creating a form processing model, draw a rectangle around any field you want your model to process. By doing this you are teaching your AI Builder model how to recognize the fields in documents of this type you want to automatically process.

This functionality is available for all new form processing models. You can also leverage it to improve your existing ones by going to the model’s details page and clicking on “Edit model”.

Learn form

To learn more about creating your form processing model tailored to your needs, you can refer to this documentation page.

The Get started with form processing in AI Builder module in Microsoft Learn is also a great way to discover the basics of form processing in AI Builder and how it can benefit your business.


Text Translation

Text translation allows you to easily leverage Azure AI capabilities to process pieces of text. AI Builder integration with the Power Platform allows you to use the feature in a lot of scenarios; from simply translating pieces of your UX into a new language, to parsing written customer feedback or social media.

This prebuilt model is currently available in Power Automate only. No training or prior configuration is required to use this it. Start translating text now in your flows using the new AI Builder Power Automate action.

Receipt processing (preview)

With AI Builder receipt processing, you can read and save key information from common sales receipts, like those used in restaurants, gas stations, retail, and more. Using this information, you can automatically pre-populate expense reports simply by scanning photos of your receipts. And when you automate the process at a large scale, there is the potential to save you and your business valuable time and money.

No training or prior configuration is required to use this prebuilt model. Start processing receipts right away in your apps and flows using the new canvas app component and AI Builder Power Automate action.

Learn more about receipt processing.

Invoice processing starter kit

The AI Builder invoice processing starter kit is a solution package that provides a reference implementation to help automate invoice processing, and deployment bootstrapping.

The invoice processing starter kit leverages AI Builder to extract data from invoices, Power Automate flows for the orchestration, Common Data Service entities to store data and an app to configure and monitor the process as well as to review and edit the extracted data. This solution offers a role-based .

In AI Builder, you can build form processing models to extract data from each invoice type and take advantage of the new form processing supervised capability.

In Power Apps, you can configure the sender address for each provider, and the specified AI Builder form processing model to extract the information. Then, you can map the keys of your invoice to the invoice fields provided by Microsoft.

This solution is provided at no additional cost when you have an AI Builder, Power Apps and Power Automate license. By leveraging the products of the Power Platform, it can be totally customized to fit to your business.

Learn more

You can download the package from  AppSource  or GitHub and read the documentation.

Power Automate dedicated actions for AI Builder

In June 2020 we announced the new AI Builder dedicated actions in Power Automate to ease discoverability and usage of AI Builder within Power Automate. This first release covered following scenarios:

  • Object detection
  • Form processing
  • Business card reader
  • Language detection
  • Key phrase extraction
  • Text recognizer
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Entity extraction (prebuilt model only)

With this new update we now also support following scenarios:

  • Entity extraction (custom and prebuilt models)
  • Category classification (custom and prebuilt models)
  • Text translation
  • Receipt processing

For more information about AI Builder, and the models supported by these new actions see AI Builder in Power Automate overview


AI Builder calculator available in Power Automate website

We have improved the usability of the AI Builder calculator. and added Text Translation which is becoming generally available to the list of scenarios.

The calculator is now also available in Power Automate website.

We are looking forward seeing how you infuse AI into your business processes with the latest AI Builder updates! Learn how you can improve busines performance with AI Builder with the interactive learning path. Engage with the community in the AI Builder forum.