New Gateway management features on the Power Platform Admin Center

We are happy to announce that we have made enhancements to gateway management operations on Power Platform Admin center. We have added new features listed below:

  • Gateway Member Status, State and Remove Operation
  • Gateway Cluster Status
  • Remove Gateway Clusters
  • Gateway Cluster Settings

Now all features (including these new ones) which gateway admins have access to are available for tenant admins also.

Gateway Member Status, State and Remove Operation

We have added a lot of new management features for gateway members. You can access these features by clicking on the “Details”.

You now see the details in a tabular format which is easier to read.

  • Gateway Name- The name of the gateway member.
  • Device name – The physical device on which the gateway is installed
  • Version – This is the gateway software version installed on the machine
  • Status- You can check the status of gateway members by clicking on the icon.
  • State – You can enable or disable a gateway member using this toggle. You may want to disable a gateway member when the gateway would be offline for updates, etc.

Gateway Cluster Status 

You can now see the gateway cluster status, so clicking on .

Remove Gateway Cluster  

You can now remove gateway cluster both standard and personal modes from the admin center now.

Gateway Cluster Settings 

In the past only gateway admins could see Gateway Cluster Settings now Tenant admins can also see these settings.

We have also recently introduced Load balancing settings on the admin portal. We have now classified settings as general and ones which applicable to specific to services like Power BI.

Please continue to send us feedback for what new capabilities you’d like to see in the future.