Power Automate Cloud Flows October Updates

We are happy to share with you some updates that have been shipped in the month of September and October for cloud flows. While we are making continuous investments in improving the overall cloud designer experience, new features and updates regarding Copy to Clipboard for solution flows and the Power Virtual Agent chatbot are added, as described below:

Power Virtual Agent Chat bot available across all pages in Power Automate

Power Virtual Agent Chat bot has been such a popular addition to Power Automate enabling users to ask questions in natural language to get help right in the product. The bot can answer your general questions like How do I share a flow or even specific questions like Why is my flow running slow. However, we have heard from you that locating the bot has been difficult and the bot did not appear at places you needed the most. With this change, the bot is made visible across all the pages in Power Automate (for e.g. Flow, Process Insights, AI Builder) and you can engage the bot from anywhere in the product.

Copy To Clipboard for solution flows

Copy to Clipboard is a really useful feature on the designer while you are building your flows, especially when you are creating control logic (for example switch, conditions) and wish to duplicate the actions or set of actions in branches easily.

The flow designer now has a streamlined experience for solution flows that enables copying and pasting actions for flows across solutions.
Non-solution flows

Today, after you have copied an action, it shows up on the clipboard automatically for non-solution flows.

Solution flows

Also for solution flows, the copied action shows up on the clipboard automatically if you are pasting the action in the same flow.


However, if you try to paste the action in a different flow in same solution or flow in an entirely different solution, an error will prevent you from doing so.

With the new updates, you can paste the action successfully. Note that you need to Control-v on windows or Command-v on Mac to paste the actions in the clipboard.

Before Control/Command + v:

After Control/Command +v:

We are really excited for you to try the new capabilities. Please submit your feedback on Power Automate Ideas – Power Platform Community (microsoft.com)