Power Automate for desktop – August 2022 update

We are happy to announce that the August 2022 update of Power Automate for desktop (version 2.23) has been released! You can download the latest release here. New features and updates have been added, as described below.

A new Excel action for resizing rows/columns has been introduced

The action ‘Resize columns/rows in Excel worksheet’ is now available in the Excel group of actions, allowing users to resize or autofit any rows or columns in an Excel spreadsheet, to enhance the file’s format and readability.

Resize Excel columns and rows action

A new action for cropping text has been introduced

The action ‘Crop text’ has been introduced in the Text group of actions, which allows users to directly get text before, after, or between two subtext flags, without having to rely on other text-based actions or regular expressions.

Crop text action

SharePoint connector actions are introduced in Power Automate for desktop (Preview)

Now in preview, SharePoint connector actions, originally only available for cloud flows in the portal, are now also available within Power Automate for desktop as native actions.

SharePoint connector actions

This is the first cloud connector that comes down to the desktop application of Power Automate, with more connectors expected to be integrated in the future. You can read more about this new feature here.

Hoping that you will find the above updates useful, please feel free to provide your questions and feedback in the Power Automate Community. If you want to learn more about Power Automate Desktop, get started with the below resources: