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Power Automate pay-as-you-go for ISVs

Following up on the announcement about pay-as-you-go support as a new way to pay for Power Automate by Stephen Siciliano, General Manager of Microsoft Power Automate, we’re excited to announce additional capabilities that enables you as an ISVs to take advantage of the pay-as-you-go model opening for unique business opportunities. More specifically, with these new capabilities, we are enabling you to seamlessly embed the Microsoft low code automation capabilities into their existing SaaS product offerings, instead of every vendor investing in building their own. With the introduction of Power Automate pay-as-you-go for ISVs you can more effectively focus on your core mission of delivering innovation to your customers, and simply take advantage of the world’s leading low code platform and include automation and workflow capabilities directly into your existing SaaS offerings through this new model. Not only can this save years of development, but it will also enable high value low code extensibility capabilities to your end customers.

Some of our largest partners are already embedding Power Automate into their solutions. Adobe for example, as Satya mentioned in his keynote:” …is embedding Power Automate into Acrobat Sign so users can automate their document workflows directly from within the app itself. They can generate documents at scale and easily route agreements across stakeholders and systems.”

Earlier this year at the Microsoft Build conference, we also heard from Amy Bunszel, Executive Vice President of AEC Design Solutions at Autodesk. Autodesk is making design data more accessible and useable across their ecosystem of products, through a new integration with Power Automate that extends the value of low code to the AEC industry. Watch the full conversation between Julie Strauss and Amy Bunszel here starting at 0:31.

With this new approach to embedding both our low code capabilities along with licensing we have greatly streamlined both onboarding and operation of our embed capabilities: Whether you’re a long-time Microsoft ISV or brand-new partner to Microsoft, it is super simple for you to include Power Automate as part of your SaaS offering. There is no need to join the CSP , you can simply build and distribute your solution, and optionally, work with a reseller. Additionally, you can join the ISV Connect benefits program, should you want to do so. The standard revenue share fee does not apply to ISV Embed and if you have a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC), you can use that to cover the licensing cost for the Power Automate pay-as-you-go meter. Finally, you can set up Power Automate Embed pay-as-you-go with just an Azure Subscription where only requirement on your customers is an Azure Active Directory (AAD) tenant.

To summarize this amazing new approach, that simplifies how you can include Power Automate as part of your SaaS offering:

  • We have made it super simple to enhance the value of your offerings and embed industry-leading low code automation capabilities into your SaaS offerings: No need for the customer to go procure the required Power Automate license from Microsoft themselves or for you to become a CSP in every market you want to sell into. You simply embed the capabilities you want to extend to your customer and sell and deploy it as a unified offer.
  • Your customers can work with a single vendor instead of procuring software from multiple vendors to stitch together a solution: Customers want to buy a solution that helps deliver on a business outcome, they are not buying licenses and having to transact with multiple vendors complicates the desired outcome.

With pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for what your customers use and eliminate the work associated with license assignment: No need to identify how many, and which users will be using Power Automate. Using the new license embed capabilities enables users to build and run premium Power Automate flows that uses connectors defined by you – the ISV – as part of your product definition. Subsequent usage is then calculated based on the number of times each flow is run and billed against an Azure subscription owned by you completely eliminating the need for the customer to think about the billing of the Power Automate capabilities being used.

To join the Public Preview, please register here and let us help you get started.

For more details on the ISV Cloud Embed program, please tune into the Inspire session OD30 where Per Mikkelsen, Principal Group Program Manager, along with Ecosystem Marketing Embed program lead Jerry Weber goes into more details, as well as how Power Automate Embed can easily work for ISVs that are already in the existing Embed program or are considering trying out this new approach with Power Automate.