Seven New Connectors Released in July 2020!

July was another busy month for connectors, having added another seven to the Power Automate platform. This means that, with the help of our wonderful connector partners, over the last three months we’ve introduced over 20 new connectors to the ecosystem. We love being able to showcase them to you each month and seeing the awesome ways that you use them in your flows.

As always, make sure to check back for next month’s blog post for the roundup of connectors released in August.

IN-D KYC India 

The IN-D KYC India connector uses the capabilities of AI to smartly classify several types of Indian ID documents using a simple image, such as Driving License, PAN, Aadhaar, and Voter IDs. In addition to automatic recognition and classification of the document, the IN-D KYC India connector allows you to extract relevant information such as name and ID number, enabling you to effortlessly integrate into your customer or employee onboarding process.

Visit the IN-D KYC India documentation to learn more.


With over 25 years of experience in the CPQ space, Cincom wanted to bring the CPQ offering to the cloud, and CPQSync was the answer. CPQSync by Cincom is a configure, price, and quote solution designed to integrate directly into Microsoft 365 Dynamics to offer a seamless customer service and management experience. The CPQSync connector enables you to tap into your CPQSync instance and add new products to your offering and update existing ones on the fly.

Visit the CPQSync documentation to learn more.


Motimate believes that the typical Learning Management System (LMS) is no longer sufficient in a modern-day workplace and set out to address the gap. Motimate is designed around offering a mobile-first experience for internal communication within a business, making corporate training more fun and accessible and bringing innovative technology into the world of LMSs. With the Motimate connector, you can manage parts of your Motimate management environment such as users, groups, and positions.

Visit the Motimate documentation to learn more.


SMSAPI from LINK Mobility is an SMS application that offers a wide variety of options covering tons of scenarios, ranging from SMS marketing, SMS newsletters, and more. With the SMSAPI connector you can quickly tap into the SMSAPI infrastructure to automatically send out SMS when you need it, engaging your customers wherever they are.

Visit the SMSAPI documentation to learn more.

Pure Leads 

Pure Leads is a lead management product that allows users to build, deploy and integrate lead capture forms on their websites. These forms allow users to capture leads, contacts from their site and track their leads on our platform. The Pure Leads connector enables you to automatically create a new lead submission and create a trigger that fires when a new lead submission is created, streamlining your lead management.

Visit the Pure Leads documentation to learn more.

AXtension Content Gate 

AXtension Content Gate helps you find all relevant content within a split second, regardless of storage location. Connect your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment with AXtension Content Gate and create a single point-of-truth for all content in your organization. The AXtension Content Gate allows you to connect to your environment and store your content automatically, enabling quick and easy management.

Visit the AXtension Content Gate documentation to learn more.


SMSLink, offered by ASTINVEST, is an all-encompassing SMS platform for businesses. This connector allows you to leverage Power Automate to automatically send out SMS messages at a whim, unlocking tons of opportunity for marketing engagements, SMS alerts, and more.

Visit the SMSLink documentation to learn more.