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SharePoint On-Premises and Info-bubbles

Following up on our release last month of the On-premises data gateway to allow you to reach into your internal network, this month we’ve added support for SharePoint on-premises. In addition, we’ve also added info-bubbles to the Flow designer, so that you can learn more about what each trigger and action does. And lastly, we’ve made some performance improvements to smoothen your experience with our site.

SharePoint On-Premises

Just like with SharePoint Online, you can create flows around your SharePoint on-premises lists and doc libraries either using pre-defined templates or by building them from scratch. Let’s walk through an example using the Send a customized email when a new SharePoint list item is added template.

In the Microsoft Flow website, search for SharePoint and select the template from the search results.

Click on the Use this template button on the next page.

Now, scroll down to the list of connections and choose the Switch account button next to SharePoint, followed by the Add new connection button.

In the SharePoint connection dialog, select the Connect via Gateway checkbox. Now, select an existing gateway or install a new one. And finally, enter your credentials and password.

Once the connection is set up, simply select Continue and proceed to creating a flow. In the site url, you can type in an on-premises SharePoint site and select an on-premises SharePoint list.

Info-bubbles in the designer

In order to elaborate on the capabilities of each trigger and action, we’ve added info-bubbles above each step of your flow.

You can also view these descriptions from the search box if you’re building a flow from scratch or adding a new step.