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Starting the year of 2023 with 11 New Verified Connectors and 18 Updates

Welcome to the monthly newsletter! We are happy to announce that in January 2023, we launched 11 new verified connectors and 18 updates from different service owners. These connectors have solutions and tools for Communication, AI, Business Management, Sales and CRM, Commerce and much more. You can view all the details and highlights below.

Thank you, all our partners, for this great partnership, and we look forward to partnering with many more companies providing wonderful solutions in the future.


New connectors



The BulkSMS connector is a simple and easy to use utility that helps you SMS enable your Microsoft workflows and automations. Backed by over 20 years in business and connected to over 800 mobile networks in more than 200 countries, BulkSMS will deliver your message quickly and at an affordable cost.

The connector is ideal for sending SMS reminders, notifications, one-time passwords and marketing messages*. It takes only minutes to create a free account and we’re happy to give you test credits to get you started.

Visit https://www.bulksms.com to learn more about BulkSMS.com.

* terms and conditions apply
Dan Perrin, Product and Business Development

Visit the BulkSMS connector documentation to learn more.


Business Assist

Business Assist connector provides a set of services to automate common customer-success tasks. Customer service leaders, managers and agent personas can use it to reliably predict service-call volumes (to manage staffing levels), cluster customer feedback (to focus on the right investments) and generate self-help solutions for Microsoft 365 product issues.  Reduce your organization’s helpdesk cost and provide great customer experience by adopting the same services that power Microsoft Support!

  • Forecasting : Analyzing past trends and volume levels manually is traditionally a time-consuming task, but Forecast Connector brings the ability to forecast future support volume quickly and confidently, based on historical data.
  • Feedback text analytics : Allows you to identify key topics and sentiments from many free-text responses, from any customer or employee survey.
  • Microsoft 365 Self-Help : M365 SelfHelp service understands your problem statement and returns a curated set of answers to M365 product/service issues. It also returns top web-search results, to increase self-help success.

Visit the Business Assist connector documentation to learn more.



The Speech Services batch transcription API is a cloud-based service that provides batch speech recognition asynchronous processing over provided audio contents. This connector exposes these functions as operations in Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps.

Visit the CognitiveServicesSpeechToText connector documentation to learn more.



Connect your EBMS data with hundreds of other services! Contact your Eagle Business Software Account Manager to activate your connector.

Visit the EBMS connector documentation to learn more.



Emigo SFA enables effective achievement of goals set for the sales force. Supports sales representatives to perform activities at outlets, stores & pharmacies or register visits with healthcare professionals. Increases the effectiveness of sales teams in their daily activities. Emigo Connector interacts with Power Automate and Power Apps services. It enables business users to access data from Emigo SFA to automate data flows & streamline business processes and digitization of workflows happening outside of Emigo SFA system.

Visit the Emigo connector documentation to learn more.


Experlogix Smart Flows

Experlogix Smart Flows is a comprehensive, user-friendly solution to automate document generation, document management, and related tasks. It extends your Microsoft Power Platform experience with robust capabilities to generate and deliver consistent, accurate, and engaging documents. Accelerate your document processes from a single intuitive platform. Create simple or complex document templates without coding, and visually build a customized and streamlined document process from creation to delivery. This connector replaces the previously listed “Xpertdoc” connector.

Erwin Buggenhout – Product Manager

Visit the Experlogix Smart Flows connector documentation to learn more.


iManage Work for Admins

iManage is the industry-leading provider of document and email management for knowledge workers. Our platform enables every user to manage their high-value content without leaving the Microsoft solutions they use every day. iManage has recently added powerful capabilities leveraging the Microsoft Power Automate platform to automate repetitive tasks and business processes while still keeping content secured within the iManage environment. Now, using iManage Work for Admins Connector, you can automate end user and administrative tasks like adding users or updating metadata values, letting your administrators focus on what’s important, and automating the rest.

Shawn Misquitta, Executive Vice President of Product Management

Visit the iManage Work for Admins connector documentation to learn more.



Automate publishing workflow on Lnk.Bio: create a new Link on your public Lnk.Bio profile for any action taken on another platform.

This is a connector for Lnk.Bio. Lnk.Bio is a link-in-bio and website builder web tool and mobile app favored by 600,000 creators. With this connector, you can automate your Lnk.Bio Lnks creation, streamlining your workflow.

Visit the Lnk.Bio connector documentation to learn more.


Oodrive Sign

Connect and consume Oodrive sign’s service through your workflows.

Oodrive Sign’s connector allows you to automate task and easily manage your processes about the electronic signature ecosystem. Automated workflow can be design to, for example, create new contract by a template, add recipients automatically and send the contract for signature. You can also manage all your bundles, recipients, key parameters and more. It offers to the customers the possibility to reduce time used to make manual actions after all the process of signature. All the feature available in the web application can be reproduce in Power Automate using the connector.

Visit the Oodrive sign connector documentation to learn more.


Team Forms

Teams Forms brings digital forms into Microsoft Teams and empowers your teams to build and deliver forms from within the productivity tools they already know and trust. Unlike many other forms solutions on the market, Team Forms works offline and communicates directly with your Teams SharePoint, ensuring that data captured by forms remains under your control and never leaves your trusted Microsoft 365 environment.

You can use the Team Forms connector to trigger automated workflows, access response fields, attachments, and generated PDFs. Visit the Team Forms Documentation to learn more.

Anthony Phan, Customer Success Manager

Visit the Teams Forms connector documentation to learn more.



Teams Spirit brings advanced lifecycle management and enhanced metadata to Microsoft Teams. The flexible templates enable users to get their teams ready and running without having to customize every time. And the event-based rule engine allows reacting to all changes in your Microsoft Teams environment.

With the Teams Spirit Connector you are getting a trigger that can be called from our rule engine to start a Power Automate Flow directly when new teams are requested or values are changed within Teams Spirit environment. This gives you the needed flexibility to launch any Flow after a certain event has occurred. The connector consists of all important actions from simple approval to team centered actions. Important variables can be passed to the trigger directly from the rule engine.

Immanuel Fuchs, Managing Partner an D.F.K. Digital Teamwork GmbH

Visit the Teams-Spirit connector documentation to learn more.


Updated connectors


There are 18 connectors that have updates:

  1. Azure Digital Twins
  2. Azure IoT Central V3
  3. Cascade Strategy New
  4. ConsenSys Ethereum
  5. Form Recognizer API
  6. InEight
  7. Lasso X
  8. Microsoft Bookings
  9. Mobili Stotele
  10. Morf
  11. Nodefusion Portal
  12. PDFcross
  13. Plumsail Forms
  14. Projectplace
  15. Repfabric Lead Loader
  16. SmartDialog
  17. Survey123
  18. Talkdesk

Below are few of the most significant updates.

Azure Digital Twins

Azure Digital Twins is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that enables you to create a digital representation of real-world things, places, and business processes. These digital models can be used to gain insights that drive better products, optimize operations, reduce costs, and create breakthrough customer experiences.

With the connector, you can incorporate Azure Digital Twins into your Power Automate flows, Power Apps applications, or Azure Logic Apps flows. For example, you can use the connector to develop a flow that creates a digital model when an external system emits an event.

To get started with Azure Digital Twins, see this quickstart.

Visit the Azure Digital Twins connector documentation to learn more.



The InEight connector allows project stakeholders to seamlessly communicate data into the InEight integrated platform from their own applications. It also enables data extraction from InEight solutions, enabling real-time analytics and project health information, while eliminating the process of manual data entry.

Over 575,000 users worldwide rely on InEight for real-time insights that help manage risk and keep projects on schedule and under budget. InEight’s field-tested project management software enables owners, contractors, engineers, and architects to build with greater project certainty.

Visit the InEight connector documentation to learn more.


Lasso X

This connector allows you to connect your systems and workflows to the Danish Company Registry (CVR), and enrich them with detailed and real-time information about all Danish companies, their participants and financial reports.

Let Lasso X notify your workflows about changes to companies, and act on them accordingly i.e. by keeping your data in sync with the registry in real-time.

Visit the Lasso X connector documentation to learn more.


Microsoft Bookings

As a part of this update, Bookings connector crew has added the highly asked field: Custom Questions & Answers field for 1:1 Booking appointment notification. This can be accessed using the “CustomQuestionAnswers” field in the notification’s dynamic content.

Visit the Microsoft Bookings connector documentation to learn more.



PDFcross released new Power Automate action that add image to PDF.

The one of Use case of the action is your company logo add to all page of your PDF by Power Automate flow.

If you create Power Automate flow using the action and share to your company member, you can use same company logo at your company if your company has a new logo.

Visit the PDFcross connector documentation to learn more.


Plumsail Forms

Plumsail Forms allows you to create responsive web forms, share them with users, and embed them into your sites. Manipulate captured data in Power Automate to boost your business processes: generate documents, automatically create records in Excel or Google Sheets, save data to SharePoint or One Drive, and much more.

Plumsail Forms connector now got a new action to Download attachments submitted within the form. Get form attachment files and save them into your systems with ease.

Visit the Plumsail Forms connector documentation to learn more.


Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.