Ten New Connectors Released in June 2020!

June was a busy month for us, with the addition of ten new connectors to Power Automate. This brought us to a very exciting milestone for the platform – over 350 connectors! We’re thrilled to see the growth and enthusiasm surrounding this space, and we appreciate being able to partner with so many groups to bring these awesome connectors to you every day. We look forward to being able to deliver even more automation scenarios for Power Automate going forward. Remember to check back next month to see what July 2020 has in store.

Cloudmersive NLP

The Cloudmersive NLP platform offers a ton of capabilities in the natural language processing realm, including sentence parsing, language detection, and sentiment analysis. With the Cloudmersive NLP connector, you can incorporate this extensive list of capabilities directly into your flows. Built right in is the ability to rephrase English sentences using deep learning AI, translate between many different languages, and more!

Visit the Cloudmersive NLP documentation to learn more.

Engagement Cloud

Engagement Cloud from dotdigital is a marketing automation platform that allows you to dive deep into your marketing efforts, enabling quicker and more effective marketing campaigns. With the Engagement Cloud connector, you can tap into the Engagement Cloud ecosystem to enable scenarios like automatically sending an SMS message, starting up an email campaign, and managing your contacts.

Visit the Engagement Cloud documentation to learn more.

HouseRater QA

HouseRater an energy modeling platform with the ability to collect and process the energy rating data of homes, enabling you to get an extensive insight into the energy potential of a home. With the new HouseRater QA connector, you have the ability to create and update a home inspection record for the HouseRater platform and know when the status of an inspection has been updated.

Visit the HouseRater QA documentation to learn more.

OpenText eDOCS by One Fox

The OpenText eDOCS connector by One Fox enables you to easily hook in to your OpenText eDOCS platform and seamlessly manage your content repository. If you need to have documents sent off for signature, promote better document collaboration, or even tackle disaster recovery, eDOCS has what you need. With this extensive connector you can do things like creating folders and documents in your eDOCS instance, search through metadata, and more!

Visit the OpenText eDOCS by One Fox documentation to learn more.


Otto.bot is an AI chatbot designed to help with common tasks that you may need while running a business. For example, automatically processing employee vacation/sick time requests, helping an employee reset their password, and scheduling meetings with customers. Because Otto.bot is a chatbot, this service runs 24/7 so it is available at any moment it may be needed.

Visit the Otto.bot documentation to learn more.

PIPware KPIs

PIPware offers a wide-ranging suite of value delivery products, from continuous improvement pipeline management to project capital management and execution. And with the PIPware KPIs connector, you can leverage this existing product suite with the added benefit of KPI tracking. Automatically incorporate KPI targeting and actuals into your workflows to greatly improve your value delivery pipeline and know if you’re hitting your KPI goals.

Visit the PIPware KPIs documentation to learn more.

Shifts (Microsoft Teams)

The Shifts connector is the replacement to the Microsoft StaffHub connector, which has now been fully deprecated. This connector offers very similar functionality to the original Microsoft StaffHub connector, including the ability to get information about a shift, approve/deny a shift, and manage shift requests.

Visit the Shifts (Microsoft Teams) documentation to learn more.


Timeghost is a time tracking application for projects specifically built with Microsoft 365 in mind. With Timeghost, you never have to worry about the minor details of project time tracking being lost in all the macro moving pieces. With the Timeghost connector, you can incorporate this time tracking straight into your workflows. Whether you want to automatically fetch the current tasks for a given project, get an idea of how much time has been spent to-date on tasks, or even automatically create an Excel report of the tracked time, the Timeghost connector has you covered.

Visit the Timeghost documentation to learn more.


WorkSpan is a collaborative platform for connecting with your partners and managing your partner programs. WorkSpan powers successful partner programs for some of the world’s leading technology companies. Connect your popular and preferred applications with WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud to enrich the value of your sales opportunities with the power of your partner ecosystem. With the WorkSpan Connector users can supercharge and accelerate their ecosystem and partnering motions by connecting seamlessly with a number of business applications such as Dynamics 365 CRM and Salesforce CRM.

Visit the WorkSpan documentation to learn more.


Xpertdoc is all about generating documents quicker and with less friction. With the Xpertdoc connector you can tap into the robust capabilities of the platform to improve your workflows. Among other capabilities, this connector allows you to automatically download your generated documents and leverage Dynamics 365 data sets using smart flows, giving you plenty of opportunity to enhance your document generation.

Visit the Xpertdoc documentation to learn more.