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Use Microsoft Flow with Workday HCM and ServiceNow

New connectors

We are excited to announce several new premium connectors this week. With the Workday HCM you can access Workday Human Capital Management Business Services data, including Employee, Contingent Worker and Organization information.

With the service now connector ServiceNow, you can author flows that create, read and update records stored within ServiceNow including Incidents, Questions, Users and more. 

For example, you can create a simple button flow that enables anyone in your organization to quickly create a ServiceNow ticket. In this example, the button has fields like Urgency and Impact that it collects from the person running the button.

Once all of the parameters, such as a short description, they just need to select Run flow and then the incident will be created:

In addition to ServiceNow and Workday, there are two other new connectors this week developed my partners:

  • QnA Maker – Distill information into an easy-to-navigate FAQ.
  • SafetyCulture – Fast and easy mobile inspection reporting. Get real-time visibility to uncover insights and raise standards.

New productivity template collection

You can check out this new template collection that helps you get ahead of your workflow. Flow enables you to focus on your work instead of getting bogged down with mundane tasks. Get the latest document updates, folder additions, and industry information delivered to you instead of chasing it down across various SharePoint, OneDrive, or web locations.