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Announcing availability of Microsoft Dataverse image columns with Power Pages

We are happy to announce that image columns are now available with Power Pages for public preview. The image column type is supported starting with the website version 9.4.4.x.

Makers can build web pages that display an image stored in the Microsoft Dataverse  tables or allow end users to upload images on the website. Makers are now enabled to accomplish this configuration easily on web pages without having to code.  With the image column support with Power Pages, makers can

  • Configure image fields on portals basic and advanced forms for users to upload new images and modify or view existing images stored in Dataverse tables.
  • Use portals Web APIs to build rich custom user experiences that perform CRUD operations on image columns.
  • Write Liquid scripts that allow retrieval of image fields with mime type, size, base 64 string value and URL data of the image.
  •  Dynamically construct URL for images stored in Microsoft Dataverse and embed those within web pages. The image URLs are secured by portals security framework
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Allow users to update their profile picture

The support for image column types will now enable authenticated users to update their profile picture (up to 10 MB in size). Makers can perform profile picture configuration using site settings.

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Note: Image column support is also available in Power Apps portals

See documentation here for detailed overview.We are looking forward to your feedback as we march towards general availability

Your feedback will help us continue to build on and improve the capabilities of this feature. We want to hear from you!