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Announcing General Availability (GA) of Power Automate cloud flow integration with Power Pages

We are thrilled to announce general availability of the integration between Power Automate cloud flows and Power Pages, further expanding the capabilities and versatility of your websites. In May 2023, we introduced the public preview of cloud flow support, allowing makers to seamlessly connect external data sources and services to Power Pages. Today, we are excited to share enhancements to this integration which offer even more control and convenience.

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Contextualization of cloud flow: One of the key enhancements in this release is the ability to contextualize your cloud flows. Enhance the business logic within flows using site context and user context. By doing so, you gain more granular control over your workflows without the need to explicitly pass values from the site.

Create a flow within Power Pages Studio: To streamline workflow development experience, we’ve introduced the capability to create flows directly within Power Pages Studio. This eliminates the need to switch between different maker studios — now you can initiate the flow creation process from within Power Pages.

Support for file data type: With this update, maker can now leverage preferred file storage solutions to manage files within Power Pages.

For more information, visit detailed documentation for configuring Power Automate cloud flow from Power Pages