Announcing two new white papers that dive deep into Power Pages Architecture and Security

Organizations and governments around the world are going through an unparalleled pace of digital transformation. This unprecedented pace calls for advanced protection mechanisms that offer security, compliance, and enterprise grade governance controls. Cybercrime is big and growing bigger. Every minute malicious actors simulate thousands of attacks to steal identities, disrupt services, and obtain unauthorized access to sensitive business data.

Power Pages offers advanced security, protection, governance and compliance. It uses the best of Microsoft’s security stack to offer protection from a wide variety of security threats, including OWASP Top 10 security vulnerabilities.

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We are excited to announce two new white papers that dive deep into architecture of Power Pages and describe how it offers enterprise grade security and defense-in-depth as a platform. These papers can also be accessed from Power Pages Learn Hub and Power Pages product documentation.

Power Pages Architecture White paper

This white paper provides a comprehensive view of key capabilities in Power Pages. It describes the architectural elements that enable Power Pages to scale, offer high reliability and availability, and protect business data to offer enterprise grade compliance and security.

Power Pages Security White paper

This white paper describes Power Pages’ enterprise grade defense-in-depth approach to security. It discusses how Power Pages offer protection from common security vulnerabilities and threats including OWASP Top 10 security vulnerabilities. It further lists the tools and capabilities for administrators and makers to harden security for their sites on the platform.

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