Dynamics 365 templates in Power Pages

We are thrilled to announce that Power Pages now supports the creation of new sites using Dynamics 365 templates.  

Power Pages templates empower citizen developers and pro-developers to launch business websites quickly and with confidence. Along with our existing scheduling, registration, and site design templates, you can now create sites using templates that are supported by the Dynamics 365 applications. Use Dynamics 365 templates in any environment where Dynamics 365 applications are installed. 

There are many Dynamics 365 templates to choose from: 

  • Community – enable peer-to-peer interaction through forums, blogs and a feedback system that includes comments and ratings.  
  • Customer portal – a self-service website where customers can place orders, review order history, manage contacts and more.  
  • Customer self-service – a self-service website to enable customers to access knowledge and support resources, view the progress of their cases, and supply feedback.  
  • Employee self-service – empower employees by supplying direct access to essential information and a way to complete common tasks.  
  • Field Service – enable customers to view and track their service appointments, get updates via email and text message, and track their technician for their next service visit.  
  • Modern community – capture customer ideas and close the feedback loop to deepen customer engagement.  
  • Partner – a website for partners that enables real-time access between an organization and its resellers, distributors, suppliers, and partners.  
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Read more about the Dynamics 365 templates in Power Pages. Try the new Dynamics 365 templates in a Dynamics 365 environment at https://make.powerpages.microsoft.com