Introducing the new environment and site level views for the Power Pages licensing dashboard (Preview)

Earlier, in November 2023 we released the all-new licensing dashboard and the new capacity management experience for Power Pages.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the availability of the environment and site level views for the the licensing dashboard (preview)!

Environment level view extends the licensing dashboard to include detailed information about environment level capacity consumption. Administrators can easily see how much capacity is assigned to the environment and how it is being consumed by the sites in the environment. Similarly to the tenant level view, daily data for past two months is available for viewing as well as monthly data for the last 12 months.

With the monthly view, administrators will not only be able to identify seasonal spikes in license consumption but also gain valuable insights into the growth trends. By analyzing the month-over-month changes in license usage, you can easily spot emerging patterns and make informed decisions about future capacity needs.

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From the environment view, the administrator can drill down further to site level consumption details which helps to track down any irregularities in the license consumption. Both the site list in the environment view and site details view have shortcuts to the essential site management actions such as start and stop the site.

Environment and site level views are available in public preview in all regions where licensing dashboard is available.

For our our  earlier announcement of the licensing dashboard here: and documentation here: