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Introducing the Next-Generation AI Chatbot for Power Pages Websites (Preview)

We are thrilled to announce an exciting feature for Power Pages sites: the all-new AI chatbot, powered by Power Virtual Agents (PVA) Generative Answers!

For public sites, we previously introduced an AI chatbot experience that could be effortlessly setup to interact with unauthenticated content where site users can engage in natural language conversations with chatbot, all while harnessing the wealth of knowledge residing on the site.

This new addition empowers Power Pages makers to evaluate and test the chatbot functionality in private before taking the site to production by changing the site visibility to public. The new experience abstracts the complexity of chatbot creation, hosting and grounding the content with simple steps for both anonymous and authenticated scenarios.

Now, when authenticated users interact with the chatbot, it springs to life, delivering answers sourced directly from site content, by providing a personalized response secured by Power Pages authorization layer using web roles and table permissions. Users will receive responses only from the webpages they have access to while browsing.

Stay tuned for more updates and embark on the future of AI-driven interactions with Power Pages!

For more information, visit detailed documentation for adding an AI powered chatbot from Power Pages