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Maker Copilot for Power Pages: revolutionize your web development experience

Maker Copilot is your Generative AI assistant that redefines your web development experience. Since the unveiling of Maker Copilot at BUILD, our initial public preview has focused on providing in-context experiences for form creation and text generation. We are excited to unveil a suite of new Copilot experiences for Microsoft Power Pages that will change the way you design websites and create forms. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new capabilities now available in Public Preview!

1. Copilot pane in design studio

The Copilot icon is always accessible from the command bar when editing private sites and launches the sidecar. Now you can simply use natural language to describe a page you want to create, or a section you want to add, a theme to create, or a form to add to your page. Copilot brings your ideas to life on your site!

2. Simplifying page creation and design

With Copilot, the process of page creation and design is remarkably simplified. By simply describing the page you have in mind, Copilot will generate appealing layouts, complete with relevant text and stock photos. Whether you need to swap out images, regenerate layouts, or refine text, Copilot provides you with the tools and flexibility to make the entire design process effortless and tailored to your vision.

3. Access to a massive stock image library

Unlock the creative potential of your Pages designs with our expansive built-in library, offering access to over 20,000 high-quality images that all Makers are licensed to use. This rich collection isn’t limited to just stock photos; it also includes a wide range of illustrations and icons, carefully curated to cater to diverse design needs. Whether you’re looking for the perfect image to complement your layout or an icon to represent a specific functionality, our library provides a comprehensive resource to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your pages.

4. Efficient form generation and configuration

With Copilot, Makers can seamlessly integrate forms into their pages to complete their site’s functionality. Whether it’s to collect information, process applications, initiate conversations, or gather feedback, our intuitive form generation capability has you covered. By describing the form you need, Copilot automatically suggests fields and options for you to refine. Once you are happy with the changes, Copilot creates the Dataverse table and form for you. This saves you hours of complex configuration and manual steps, allowing you to effortlessly add essential functionalities to your site, making it fully operational and tailored to your specific needs.

5. Theme generation and styling

Generate theme colors and palettes for your site using Maker Copilot. Once you’ve applied a theme, you can continuously refine and edit it in the styling workspace.

6. Improved in-context experiences to generate text

Responding to customer feedback, we have made significant enhancements, especially to the Text Copilot feature. The Text Copilot feature has become more discoverable, with simple rewrite options that are easily accessible directly from the context menu.

Microsoft Power Pages is committed to empowering Makers and pro developers alike with cutting-edge tools. These new generative AI capabilities promise to take your design and development to the next level, and we can’t wait to see what you create. You can learn more through our documentation. Try it and don’t forget to share your thoughts on our community forum.

– The Power Pages Team