New Frequently Asked Questions Power Pages Template

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our Templates Library. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) template is now available in preview. This template features a topic, subtopic, and article framework to cover most FAQ scenarios. All content is indexed, and users can search the content to find the answers they need. Users can also provide feedback on the FAQ article content.

The FAQ template features a no-code administrator experience for managing and formatting content. It also supports a publishing workflow for content administrators. Just as you can with our other template offerings, use the design studio to modify the template for your specific needs. Customization options include incorporating corporate branding creating and modifying pages, and visualizing and managing data. For custom code editing, professional developers can continue to use the Microsoft Power Platform CLI to download the site metadata and use Visual Studio Code to view and modify the source code. For more information, see our documentation on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) template

Existing solution templates include Building permit application, After school program registration, and Schedule meetings with a financial institution. These templates are useful for any industry or organization wishing to create an application submission portal, registration portal or scheduling site. If you want the benefits our templates offer, but want greater creative input, choose from our five Starter layout templates. Craving complete creative control? Use our Blank page template and create a completely custom website to your exact specifications. Power Pages also supports the creation of new sites with Dynamics 365 Apps

We welcome feedback on what templates would be useful via the survey in the Templates Hub.