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Set up your site’s brand: title, logo, brand colors, and more

Makers can now establish their site’s brand directly from the header without having to visit the Styling workspace. Through the new Edit site header experience, makers can set their brand’s main components easily: title and logo, color palette, as well as the overall header styling.  

Changes made in the Edit site header experience persist across the site and reflect in the Styling workspace. As makers make changes in the new experience, they can preview their changes instantly without having to switch between workspaces. 

Title + logo 

Makers can set their site title and logo along with alt text for accessibility. We are also providing makers flexibility to show/hide the logo to match their brand requirements. 


Makers can set up their brand colors directly from this experience, allowing them to update their header styling and meeting brand requirements easily. The following styling configurations are now available from the site’s header: 

  • Brand colors 
  • Header background color 
  • Title and navigation links styling 

Visit make.powerpages.microsoft.com to get started.  You can learn more about this new feature in the article “Edit site header”. As usual, we look forward to hearing from you!