Updates to Power Pages – Dynamics 365 Addon based website creation experience.

With the evolution of Dynamics 365 portals into Power Pages over last 7 years, creation process websites has also changed drastically. However, for customers who are still using Dynamics 365 addon based licenses for their Power Pages websites, process of creating websites haven’t changed in last few years and have been complicated especially because it requires makers to go to Power Platform Admin center instead of starting from Power Pages maker experience .

With the latest release of Power Pages, we are updating website creation experience for addon license based sites and make it similar to capacity license based sites. As part of the new experience, following steps will need to be followed to create a website using Dynamics 365 addon based licenses:

a) Step 1- Creation of a new website:: In the old experience, to create a new addon license based website, makers have to go to Power Platform admin center, find a “Portal Addon” with state as not configured, click on manage and fill up the form to provision the site. This experience is described here Provision a site using the older add-on – Power Apps | Microsoft Learn.
As part of the new experience, a maker can simply create a website using standard Power Pages maker experience described here Create a site with Power Pages | Microsoft Learn and does not require any special steps. This will create a standard Power Pages trial website.

b) Step 2 – Assigning Dynamics 365 addon licenses to the website:: Once a maker has created a trial website, he can convert the website into production mode using following steps Convert a website | Microsoft Learn.
Till now, this experience of trial to production conversion only allowed makers to create Sites based on capacity based experience. However, with the new experience when makers/admins will convert a site into production mode, they will be provided with an Option to use their Addon based licenses (as shown below), if such licenses are active in their tenant.

graphical user interface, text, application

This will allow makers/admins to utilize the standard trial to production conversion flow to create a dynamics 365 addon based website.

This change will also enforce that number of addon license based websites which can be created in a tenant is not more than the number of addon based licenses active in the tenant which was possible in some special situations before. This will help admins to ensure licensing compliance by default.

This new experience is rolling out in the week of 9/25/2023 following our regional rollout process and will be available in all regions in next couple of weeks.

Visit make.powerpages.microsoft.com to get started.  We look forward to hearing from you!