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SaaS Fundamentals


Get an introduction to the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

  • Why SaaS
  • LAER Model
  • Adoption, Customer Success
  • Customer Segmentation



SaaS Metrics

Learn about the most important financial metrics of SaaS business, how they align with your current SaaS adoption stage, and thus what you should be focusing on.

  • CAC
  • LTV
  • MRR | ARR
  • Churn
  • Other product metrics



Optimizing SaaS Customer Journey

How to get end-to-end visibility through the entire customer journey, how to solve integration challenges, and how to build a data-driven culture that will help your team to make the right decisions.



Microsoft Docs: SaaS digital business journey
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SaaS Architecture

SaaS Architecture Introduction

We will cover recommended patterns and practices around SaaS platform architectures, microservices, multi-tenancy, user/customer onboarding, identity management, security best practices, automation, billing, and DevOps.

PART 1 > PART 2 > PART 3 > PART 4 >


Well Architected Framework for SaaS

Security, Cost, Operations, Reliability, and Performance. We poured those in guidance based upon these 5 pillars, called the Well-Architected Framework (WAF).

In this session, we will couple this with insights on better design approaches and the available guidance from WAF.



Breaking Down the Monolith in your SaaS application

Hear from experienced Principal System Engineer, Paolo Salvatori, on the technical fundamentals to breaking down the monolith in your SaaS application to improve development agility.



Front-end apps with Azure: Options and when to use each one

Hear from Simona Cotin, Principal Product Manager @Microsoft on the technical best practices for front end delivery in your SaaS application that will help you optimize both your customer's experience and your team's productivity



Identity, Zero trust & security in your SaaS application

By maintaining the principles of Zero Trust and focusing on things like Identity as a first defense and decent monitoring you can already achieve a lot in securing your SaaS landscape. Join us in this session on how you can benefit from using existing Azure components to handle Identity authentication and authorization, how you can monitor and improve your security and what additional security services you can benefit from when building solutions on top of Azure services.



Data Strategy: How to Achieve Portability in Cloud with OSS

Learn more about data strategy including Postgres & MySQL for your SaaS solution and technical fundamentals of using OSS in your SaaS application to achieve portability in cloud.



Microsoft Docs: Multitenant SaaS
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SaaS Business Model

Value Proposition

Successful companies create value propositions that sell, embedded in business models that work. Remarkable companies do so continuously.

In this session, we will zoom in on how SaaS companies are creating value for customers and ultimately enables an organization to capture value – and continues to do so.

PART 1 > PART 2 > PART 3 >  PART 4 >


SaaS Pricing

Getting pricing right is crucial for the success of your SaaS business. Poor pricing will result in expensive sales, unhappy customers, and higher churn rates.

  • Good pricing will affect everything - from the top line to the bottom.
  • Create packaging that makes customers 'get' your product
  • Design pricing models that work
  • Top 5 tricks to add +1 to CLTV/CAC ratio

PART 1 > PART 2 > PART 3 >


How Microsoft does Customer Success

  • Transformation – maturing our consumption business
  • The importance of customers' adoption of technology in a saas world – to prevent churn
  • The role of customer success in a SaaS organization
  • Microsoft's best practice approach to customer success management
  • Our role as a partner to our customers.



Get SaaS playbook
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SaaS Product Development

Technical track


Get the most value from product and operational data

Learn how to transform data into insights from your SaaS application. Want to create personalized experiences in applications but not sure where to start?



Collecting Customers' feedback

We all know that user-centered design is fundamental to the success of a product. Of all the things you need to do, collecting feedback from your users is one of the most important points in making good product and technical decisions. But how do you do it? At the end of this session, you will have some techniques to collect this feedback, but also to integrate it into your development workflow. These techniques come from my experiences at different scales: from the startup in a garage to Azure Engineering teams through various startups & Scale-Ups.



SaaS solution on Teams platform

As a SaaS company, leveraging Microsoft Teams, you can make your solutions available and easily discoverable directly in the same front-end that customers use everyday - Microsoft 365 and Teams, expanding your customer base with another distribution channel and tapping into advanced functionality and integration features to bring even more value to your solutions.



DevOps in SaaS

By changing the way we work through DevOps, we deliver better products to our customers and better results to the business. But DevOps adoption isn’t easy. Beyond implementing new processes and technology, the ultimate key to a successful DevOps practice is embracing a DevOps culture.

How Microsoft does DevOps? > 

Scaling your SaaS application with DevOps >



Microsoft Docs: Planning efficient workloads
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Sell SaaS Solution via Azure Marketplace

Business track

Introduction to Microsoft Marketplace 

Get an introduction to the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace, and how it can support market reach and sales of your SaaS solution. You will get an introduction to the Marketplace value proposition for both software vendors and customers, and an overview of the various listing types and associated Marketplace Rewards.



How to publish SaaS solution in AppSource

In this video you can learn how to publish SaaS solution in Microsoft Marketplace & AppSource



Tech track

Learn about the technical fundamentals for simplified delivery for your SaaS application and technical best practices around selling via the Azure Marketplace.




MS Learn: Azure Marketplace
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SaaS, AI & Analytics

Business track

Product innovation with Analytics and AI

The availability of data is rapidly increasing, the Analytics and AI technologies are advancing day by day and this leads to the democratization of access and utilization of these services as a competitive differentiator. Is your company well-positioned to be ahead of the curve?



Responsible AI

AI is a powerful technology that can help people and businesses when developed and implemented responsibly.
This session will cover the following Responsible AI principles:
-Transparent & explainable
-Fair & equitable
-Respectful of privacy & data governance
-Robust & reliable



Technical track

Get started with AI & ML in SaaS Solution

Talking about artificial intelligence is easy. Building it into your SaaS applications is less so. Or is it?

Using Azure Cognitive Services, we demonstrate how to utilize pre-built and customizable AI models across image recognition, and speech and text analytics. We also walk you through how some of our customers have deployed these in practice.

PART 1 > PART 2>  PART 3 > PART 4 >


End-to-end data integration with Data Factory and Synapse Analytics

Session by Olga Molocenco:

"Big Data is an umbrella of multiple technologies my team works with. I am specialized in: Azure Machine Learning, Data Factory, Stream Analytics, Data Lake Store, Data Lake Analytics and Data Catalog"




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Business track

What does it take to build future SaaS applications that are global, inclusive, and sustainable? Over 1 billion people worldwide live with a disability. That’s more than 15% of our global population! 22% of the world’s population is over 60 years today, and each of us may encounter situational disabilities at some point throughout our everyday lives.



Tech track

Want to create a SaaS application that is inclusive and accessible for people with different needs & capabilities but not sure where to start? Hear from Dona Sarkar, Director of Technology & accessibility @ Microsoft on how you can make sure that the 1 billion+ people with disabilities AND so many of us with Neurodivergence and Mental Health concerns can use tech to be our trusty ally.



MS Learn: Accessibility fundamentals
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Microsoft SaaS Day 2022

 Business track

  • How do future-looking companies Go-To-Market in the Cloud Era?
  • How to succeed with Open source business model?
  • What does it take for a software company to become GDPR-compliant?
  • Panel Discussion: Hear from your peers

Technical Track:

  • Enable SaaS for your apps with Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Real-world hacking and how to defend against it
  • Build Blockchain Applications in the Cloud faster with Quorum Blockchain Service

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Visma SaaS Transformation

Watch interview with Øyvind Larsen, Managing Director at Visma.
Visma offers software and services that simplify and digitise core business processes in the private and public sector. Visma operates across the entire Nordic region with 12,500 employees & 1,000,000 customers

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Salutare SaaS Journey

Watch the interview with Chris Dial, Co-Founder and CEO of Salutare.
Salutare Group works with people - from clinicians to patients to all who help in the treatment pathway - to improve safety and well-being, and to restore the life-work balance for clinicians.
Chris will share the story and learnings of Salutare, a true SaaS company from day 1

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ToolsGroup SaaS Transformation

Watch the interview with Riccardo Toni, Global SaaS Manager & Information System Security Officer at ToolsGroup.
ToolsGroup is how organizations achieve their target service levels while optimizing inventory, no matter how complex their supply chain is or how much demand changes. In a world that never follows the rules, organizations have to be ready for anything--from the challenges of multi-echelon inventory optimization to the endless surprises of sporadic demand.