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Reviewer 6010 · 8/23/2015
Six Guns

This is an awesome game. The graphics are very realistic. It has a little bit of blood, which I don't really like that, but it is a really good western game.

Kyle · 8/18/2015
Great Game!

Coming from Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series really gives you a lust for adventure! Massive-expansive world set in the west? Check. Amazing gun-fights? Check. Fun overall? Hells yeah! C'mon partner, saddle up.

Carter · 8/21/2015

I love the open world-ness to it. I have always wanted an open world Wild West game. It runs great on single player, but I don't play multiplayer. Thank You Gameloft for another great game!!!!

Don · 8/18/2015
Awesome Game

I love how the missions are quick and easy. I wish it was a little more easier to control the horse.

Jody · 8/19/2015
a true short sweet review

for something free, it can be fun, but way too easy, and there are bugs here and there such as me standing on my horse riding it, the missions are jump from one to the next making an open world very linear feeling and cramped.

Reviewer 7588 · 8/13/2015
I dig it, but it suffers from too many issues

This reminds me a lot of the game Gun, a PS2 era game of the same genre. I was bummed at the short length of that game and this seems to make up for it. I have not paid for a single micro-transaction yet and have invested some hours into it. It crashes often at random, but just closes itself out. It doesn't throw my computer into a fit. The graphics are simple enough that I can run the game on my aging laptop with no problem. It's a good time killer with a fun western theme. Upon playing further into the game, I encountered many issues with broken quests and cloud synchronization. I enjoyed my time with this game but the technical issues made it unplayable eventually. I am very glad that I did not put any real world money into it. There doesn't seem to be a lot of support from Gameloft on this one.

George · 8/8/2015
Great fun

Being a person who travels a lot it really isn't very convenient to haul around an Xbox One or a 360, but I still want to be able to play games in my free time. This is definitely a great game, and I would suggest it to anyone who just wants a simple good time. It's no Red Dead Redemption, but it really is a lot of fun! Haha. Especially for a game that's free. No one should be complaining!!

Ocie · 8/7/2015
Controls are poor.

I have issues with the control settings due to the game not able to tell which button or key I need to press such as the ammo refill and no setting for mouse speed. The game is heavy built for mobile touchscreen, not friendly toward keyboard/mouse and gamepad users. Fix the game controls and I'll play more. P.S. Please let us access to our Gameloft account so we can able sync the game save to mobile version.

Reviewer 2562 · 8/7/2015
Six-Guns Review

Very cool setting, lots to do outside of the story. Aside from a couple of very minor glitches, (that by the way have no effect on gameplay) this game is a blast. Actually, it's almost like a Grand Theft Auto for the Old West. Hell, and it's free, so try it already.

Anthony · 8/1/2015
this game reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally needs an update

unlike the android version they have a lot more than the windows port. I wouldn't go back playing this game if they updated it. just like the now keep updates with apsalt 8 airborne, GT racing 2 the real racing experience, other xbox games but not update six guns. okay I want to now what's up



  • The first Windows game to let you freely explore massive Wild West landscapes in Arizona and Oregon.
  • 40 varied missions: Race horses, stop robbers, shoot targets, take back the fort and more!
  • Fight looting bandits, bloodthirsty vampires, cunning witches and many other supernatural foes.
  • Get lost in the beautifully designed landscapes.

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