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Security from chip-to-cloud

Surface provides world-class, chip-to-cloud security across the multiple layers of hardware, firmware, software, application, cloud, and identity.
A Surface laptop overlaid with a color gradient representing different layers of security
A man, smiling and wearing headphones, sitting at a table in front of a Surface tablet device A man, smiling and wearing headphones, sitting at a table in front of a Surface tablet device

Be secure and reduce costs

  • 23% lower third-party support and security costs

    Firms saved costs by decommissioning or rolling back their use of third-party security solutions.1
  • 34% fewer security incidents

    Firms reduced the number of security breaches they experienced annually for Surface device users.1
  • 30% less time lost to security incidents

    Maximize your employees’ time by reducing security incident resolution time.1

Built with supply chain security in mind

Save time and money when you manage your devices with Microsoft3 and Surface.
A rendering of the layers of hardware inside a Surface laptop device
  • Minimized assembly risk

    We manufacture Surface devices in facilities adhering to the most protective digital and physical security standards.

  • Continuous security monitoring

    We continuously evaluate and manage security in our critical supplier base by publishing and auditing requirements to minimize supply chain risk.

  • Security-focused logistics and distribution

    We actively track and manage our shipments from point of origin to Microsoft resellers and distributors.

Enable more control for IT

Every layer of Surface is maintained by Microsoft, giving you ultimate control, proactive protection, and peace of mind wherever and however work gets done.

Firmware Updates

With Windows Update for Business, keep your devices up-to-date and protected, right down to the firmware level.

Get more control

DFCI4 provides control for IT to enable and disable essential hardware components (camera, Bluetooth) at hyper-secure locations for advanced protection.

Centrally manage Surface devices

Realize greater efficiency and help reduce IT costs through the Microsoft Surface Management Portal.

Manage seamlessly with Endpoint Manager

Deploy and manage down to the firmware layer through the cloud with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and DFCI.

Reduce security risks

Surface customers save time and money with reliable, always-on security.
Man sitting at a desk, smiling and typing on his Surface device
  • How device choice can make or break your cyber resilience plan

    Device choice is a foundational element of protecting against, detecting, and recovering from cyber-attacks.

  • Evaluating the business case of Microsoft Surface

    Surface unlocks new possibilities for employees to get everyday work done faster so they can focus on the bigger picture. They also empower IT to find new time and cost savings to advance digital innovation.

  • Surface Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

    Investing in Microsoft Surface and Microsoft 365 can help you save by simplifying your IT operations, reducing security risks and increasing employee productivity over 3 years.

Explore secure device management

Dive deeper into flexible modern device management solutions for your business.

Device management

Maximize the value of your investments with post-sales support, repairability, and warranty and protection plans.
A cropped image of a woman holding a closed Surface device with one arm

  • [1] IDC Research Study conducted from surveys and interviews between December 2021 – February 2022. All respondents were IT decision-makers at large organizations (250-5000+ employees) representing organizations from the United States, Australia, India, Spain, France, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Germany. Cost & Savings findings based on average cost and time estimates provided directly by respondents; actual costs and savings may vary based on your specific Device Mix and deployment. For the actual case study, click here.
  • [2] Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.
  • [3] Software license required for some features. Sold separately.
  • [4] Device Firmware Configuration Interface.

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