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Use Microsoft Translator to communicate inside and outside the classroom

Translate and caption live conversations

Schools have become increasingly diverse. English Language Learners and deaf or hard-of-hearing students require technology that helps them to communicate inside and outside the classroom. The Translator app helps break these communication barriers so all students can be a part of the conversation.

Live, in-person conversations can be both captioned and translated – making this an important tool for group conversations and one-on-one chats. The Translator app is also an essential tool for study abroad students who are learning the local language.

Translator conversation iconFOR STUDENTS

Group conversations

The Translator app's multi-device conversation feature helps English language learners, deaf, or hard-of-hearing students better communicate with one another in class or for one-on-one chats.

Split-screen iconFOR STUDENTS

One-on-one chats

Use the microphone or split-screen microphone to translate between two languages using a single device. The split-screen mic can be found by tapping the green microphone button.

Study group iconFOR STUDENTS

Study Groups

Discuss group projects and work together across many languages. Perfect for English language learners and deaf or hard-of-hearing students.

Translator for study groups

In this video, a group of students must work together to finish an assignment, but language and hearing barriers exist which make the group study effort difficult. Watch how Translator can be a useful resource when attempting to communicate in real-life scenarios.

Translator on campus

At the Rochester Institute of Technology, a visitor is late for an on-campus job interview and stops to ask for directions. He soon realizes the student is hard of hearing. Watch how Translator can be a useful resource when attempting to communicate in real-life scenarios.

Illustration of a globe with the word 'Hello' translated into many different languagesLANGUAGES

Supported languages

Visit our languages page to see if your language is supported in the apps.

The Translator conversation feature in the appsLEARN MORE

Translator app features

Have real-time, translated conversations with captions, translate menus and street signs without an internet connection, and translate web pages and app content with one tap.