4 Microsoft training offerings to empower your teams

Microsoft is dedicated to enabling our partners to increase their knowledge about Microsoft products and solutions, scale their apps, and improve customer engagement. To do that, we offer a variety of training resources to our partners. Check out these 4 training offerings to help empower your teams by building their expertise and enhancing their skills.

 1. Microsoft Learn

Become a subject matter expert and attain the skills needed to advance your career through Microsoft Learn, which includes a series of role-based learning paths and hands-on learning to master core concepts at your speed. Learning paths are designed to help you prepare for industry-recognized Microsoft certifications. All training on Microsoft Learn is free, and is available through instant in-browser access to Microsoft tools and modules.

 2. Events

Attend an event in your region or virtually for live instruction. In-person events are held across the US throughout the year. Topics range from introductions to Microsoft solutions like Power BI to product updates and technical deep-dives on topics like AI, SQL, and IoT.

 3. Fast-track your competency

Attain a competency faster by taking courses that help you prepare for the exams and assessments required for a competency. Microsoft offers learning path options related to nearly every competency currently in-market.

 4. Become a Microsoft Certified Professional

Earn a Microsoft certification to demonstrate your expertise, stand out from the crowd, and increase productivity and efficiency. The Microsoft Certified Professional designation offers you a way to increase your knowledge and differentiate yourself from your peers. We recently introduced three new Azure certifications: Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect, Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator, and Microsoft Certified App Developer.

If you’ve earned a certification, be sure to share your badge online with your professional network, find employers looking for candidates with skills like yours and easily apply for jobs.

Start growing your skill-set today to propel your career, increase productivity and efficiency, and demonstrate expertise. Visit the Training page on partner.microsoft.com to start your learning journey.

Sarah Broadbent is a Partner Marketing Manager for Microsoft, whose primary focus is to nurture the growth of our US partners through their engagement with the Microsoft Partner Network and the partner community.

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