Get ready for Microsoft Inspire 2020

UPDATE: Microsoft Inspire registration is now open!

Can you believe there are only a few short weeks until Microsoft Inspire?

My name is Eve Stacey and I’m excited to join the Microsoft US Partner team as Vice President of Go-To-Market (GTM). Our team leads market strategy and execution with all US commercial partners to support digital transformation for joint customers through our partner ecosystem. We are also the team that drives US participation and content for Inspire!

I spent several years at Microsoft before partnering with Microsoft and working on Go-To-Market as the President of Benevity, a cloud-based employee giving solution, and in global strategy and operations roles at Concur/ SAP. Given my focus and my previous experience, I’m glad to be back, and focused on our partners’ success. I can’t wait to learn from you and find ways to partner with you to serve our customers better.

What could be better than joining this team only weeks before our biggest partner event of the year? Okay, having the event in person would have been nice.

While this year’s Microsoft Inspire will look different, there will be no shortage of opportunities to celebrate, learn, and connect to accelerate digital transformation. Join us to hear from top-tier Microsoft leaders, participate in business and community connections, and dive into product and business strategies with interactive breakout sessions.

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a couple of virtual events in the last few months and have loved to see how many more people of all levels and responsibilities are able to join in the fun and learn directly from our team.

Here are three ways to make the most of Microsoft Inspire 2020 and any virtual event you attend.

1. Define what you want from Inspire 2020

To maximize Microsoft Inspire for yourself, decide ahead of time what outcomes and benefits you want to capture. Are you hoping to nurture peer-to-peer connections or learn more about key solution areas? Are you looking to dial in your Go-to-Market strategy or gather case studies? Take time to identify your objectives and keep them top-of-mind as you determine where to focus your energy.

2. Coordinate with your team and bring someone new

If multiple colleagues from your business are planning to join Inspire 2020, coordinate as you plan your session schedule. Divide and conquer by attending different sessions and sharing what you learned with one another. Microsoft Inspire is virtual and free this year, making it an excellent time to extend opportunities to team members that may not have attended in the past. Consider people in roles that may gain unique takeaways, such as HR. Evaluate the composition of your Microsoft Inspire envoy – if some teams or groups are underrepresented, make adjustments.

3. Lean into everything Microsoft Inspire has to offer

We know this year will be different, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be meaningful opportunities to engage and connect.

  • Hear from Microsoft leaders including Satya Nadella, Gavriella Schuster, Judson Althoff, and Nick Parker
  • Participate in business and community connections with other partners and Microsoft leaders
  • Get a deeper look into product and business strategies with interactive breakout sessions

Registration will open soon, so stay connected. In the meantime, happy planning. I and the rest of the One Commercial Partner team look forward to connecting in July!

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