US partners: Join us for Microsoft Inspire!

Microsoft Inspire is our annual event created to help our partners connect, collaborate, and celebrate while extending the growth of your business. Wherever you are in your journey as a partner, the relationships and knowledge you will acquire at this event will make attendance worthwhile. This year’s all-digital event is no-cost and open to all partners across the globe. I’m personally looking forward to hearing more about your impact over the past year, especially all the innovative things you’ve done to support our mutual customers and communities during COVID-19. Not only will you interact with other successful partners, important industry leaders, and influential Microsoft experts, you’ll also receive critical insights into product development and business strategies that you can use to your advantage in the fiscal year ahead. Registration is now open, so I hope you sign up to join us!


Why attend Microsoft Inspire?

 It’s our largest annual cross-border networking event, designed to help you build meaningful business development connections with other partners and Microsoft executives who can help identify and create opportunities to drive your business forward.

  • It’s a special opportunity for you to learn about Microsoft’s fiscal year priorities, strategies, key initiatives, updated programs, and incentives.
  • It’s your introduction to subject matter experts across Microsoft’s solution areas, with key content sessions, and interactive experiences.
  • It’s an invitation for you to increase your presence within the global Microsoft community, to share and learn best practices, celebrate successes, and recognize other top partners.

We’ll share updates about the content and experiences we’re packing into this digital event in the weeks ahead. Wherever you are in your journey as a partner, Microsoft Inspire offers ways to reimagine business growth. See you online at Microsoft Inspire in July!

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